Schools ban hugging and teachers carry concealed weapons, symptoms of a deep, systemic failure of development. Guns don’t kill, people do. In the same way media and virtual-reality in the hands of predator corporations and predator governments profit from fear and anxiety, the crisis du jour, invented or not.

Joseph Chilton Pearce, in his latest book, expresses concern over the globalization of fear jump started and multiplied by virtual-reality technologies. Chronic anxiety is deadly. Peace, health and wholeness are the absence of dis-ease, something increasingly rare in today’s buzzing, flashing media marinated world. Please, do yourself and your family a favor and view our interview with Gabor Maté, MD, on the early roots of chronic stress – and savor the looking glass my friend Alain shares on heath and wholeness.

To your health in 2013

Health is our natural condition. It is before disease, as silence is before noise, peace before conflict, freedom before bondage. It is not something that happens after disease. It is always. Disease is something that happens. Health is not something added. It is emptiness. We cannot create or cause it. We create disease. We cannot cure anyone of disease, we can only prevent it. All cure is preventive: it is not added. Disease is stopped when we stop making it. Cure is the return to the condition before the disorder. There is no such thing as regeneration - physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. There is only cessation of degeneration. We cannot become healthy. We can only become sick, and we can stop becoming sick. We do not have to purify the air or the water or the sunlight or the mind. We can merely stop pollution. We do not have to attain goodness or silence or freedom, only stop obscuring them.

Health and goodness are the same. They are not caused by anything other than themselves. They are not entities or states. They have no finite existence, no feeling, no confines or dimensions, no attributes at all. They are absence of discord. Health is freedom, it is the simplest, undisturbed, natural condition of our being. It is what we are, it is what the world is, it is what life is.
We are life and the world.

Alain Naudé