Floating in the tub Carly Elizabeth kicked her chubby legs this morning, murmuring pre-words that only she and I can understand. Day by day she grows more aware, awake and brighter if this is possible. Preparing for my interviews with the First Prime Minister of Tibet in exile I read six or seven books on Tibetan Buddhism including, of course, several by the Dalai Lama. In an interview his Holiness was asked; ‘how he could smile so often seeing the suffering he does throughout the word? His reply,  ‘Happiness is my profession.’ The negation of suffering leaves what? Happiness.

Krishnamurti observed; ‘we are the enemy, the source of our own misery.’
There is indeed great physical suffering, but the greatest source of suffering throughout the world is by far psychological, self-generated and self-inflicted. Annual global military expenditure stands at over $1.7 trillion. That is a lot of self- inflicted suffering.

How silly our ideologies, pride and vanities seem when Carly laughs at the rubber duck splashing in the tub. How unnecessary our petty comparisons and greed. $1.7 trillion represents incalculable suffering throughout the world, year after year, and this is just the tip of the suffering pyramid. Were we not so stupid that investment would be in happiness, the ultimate wisdom. Isn’t that the real meaning of this holiday we are celebrating, embodied wisdom?

Quietly, it came, so gently that one was not aware of it, so close to the earth, among the flowers. It was spreading, covering the earth and one was in it, not as an observer, but of it. There was no thought or feeling, the brain utterly quiet. Suddenly there was innocence so simple, so clear and delicate. It was a meadow of innocence past all pleasure and ache, beyond all torture of hope and despair. It was there and it made the mind, one's whole being innocent, one was of it, past measure, past word, the mind transparent and the brain young without time.
Krishnamurti’s Notebook

Wishing you the ultimate wisdom...

Michael Mendizza, Z and Carly