Operation Warp Speed

“You are on the front lines of the most important battle in history. It is a battle to save democracy, and freedom, liberty and human dignity from this totalitarian cartel that is trying to rob every nation in the world simultaneously.” Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

What’s next is in plain sight. Bioterror to replace the plandemic to continue justifying tyranny and technocratic control. Kennedy, Mercola, Corrbett, Tom Cowan, and Catherine Austin Fits are all pointing to and describing the same thing, as are others, but the synergy of these is powerful, serious, and yes, disturbing. Being informed is the first step. Staying human, connecting, and resisting follows. Invest the time. With this post, you have to do your homework. Take Bobby Kennedy at this word. Why would he exaggerate? Click the image above and listen.

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The National Security State teaming up with Automated Ai – Ai Singularity

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Pharmacovigilance Surveillance System and Global Predicative Policing

Predictive policing refers to the usage of mathematical, predictive analytics, and other analytical techniques in law enforcement to identify potential criminal activity. Predictive policing methods fall into four general categories: methods for predicting crimes, methods for predicting offenders, methods for predicting perpetrators' identities, and methods for predicting victims of crime.

What does this mean: National and economic security now demand a total remaking of Americans’ way of life to facilitate data extraction. More data needs to be harvested per American citizen in order to facilitate that leapfrogging of China and artificial intelligence.

The CIA, NSA, Pentagon, other Security Agencies, and Warp Speed.

A lot of people have declined to look at these commissions and institutions and how they're thinking and what their thought process is. Just because of all the crazy stuff going on in the world right now, and all of the distractions that consume a lot of media time and energy, like the 2020 U.S. presidential election, or what's going on in other aspects of the COVID-19 crisis. People are not paying attention to the moves that are being made behind the scenes, by the people who are really directing the “responses” to COVID-19. Where they're going is nowhere good. It's essentially pointing to tyranny into a technocratic system that's not even governed by humans. It's governed by an algorithm.

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James Corbett - The Great Reset.

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Catherine knows more about the economic side of the Covid plandemic than anyone else. She has worked in the highest levels of government and finance, having served as assistant secretary of Housing and Urban Development, then managing various private-equity firms at the top of Wall Street. Catherine notes: The government and its finances have grown increasingly secret in the past two decades. 21 Trillion dollars is missing, leaving retirement funds and health insurance with increasingly devalued treasury bonds. Those who control government funding gave up on the American public, leaving them literally to die, “many segments are worth more dead than alive,” implicit depopulation. Technological innovations are happening so fast and are so secret that most people cannot even conceive of what is happening. Catherine does not let her cell phone in her home. In their interview, Tom and Catherine explore how local communities can escape from the net. Below is a peek of what coming next. mm

Here are a few Mercola Interview Highlights Warp Speed, the Pentagon, and CIA:

The people who are behind this, the military and intelligence agencies, when they work in complete secrecy like they are in Warp Speed, they're historically up to no good. I would encourage Americans to remember that these are the same people who lied us into war with Iraq among numerous other crimes over the course of the past several decades. We really need to question, should we just take their word for it and believe that they have our best interest at hearts, when historically they ruthlessly pursue their own ambitions at the expense of American interests.

It's very likely that we'll see some sort of event that will be labeled a bioterror very soon, probably before April of next year. I don't have a lot of reasons to be optimistic about the plans, because if you look at the people who predicted the coronavirus crisis before it happened, and we're immediately positioned to benefit from that crisis. In April Bill Gates, for example, said that the coronavirus crisis is pandemic one, and it will be followed by pandemic two, which will, he said would be a bioterror event. And the way to respond to this planned pandemic two would be to do the same types of preparations you would do for bioterrorism. That's straight from Bill Gates. And he, if you look at what he's been saying the past few years about bioterror, remember mainstream media likes to promote his warnings that there would be a big pandemic like the coronavirus crisis. And he was patted on the back extensively by mainstream media pundits for that.

But what they didn't talk about is that in tandem with those past warnings, Bill Gates frequently warned a bioterror and talked about the need to merge international security, i.e., U.S. foreign policy with health security, as he calls it, and essentially merge the war on terror with a war on bioterror. And there is a lot of the same people, for example, who did Event 201 with Gates in the World Economic Forum last year was the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security that previously in June 2001 did a simulation about a bioterror attack called Dark Winter that later essentially predicted major aspects of the 2001 anthrax attacks.

And of course, participants in Dark Winter itself had very eerie foreknowledge that something was going to happen with anthrax between the date of September 11th and when the first case of an anthrax poisoning was publicly announced in the beginning of October 2001. I point a lot of this out in an investigative series called Engineering Contagion, four parts and sort of follows these characters through the years and to what some of the experiments that they're doing now. The Johns Hopkins center for health security has a sister organization at UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center). It's called the UPMC Center for Biosecurity in Pennsylvania.

And they're currently under the guise of coronavirus vaccine research attempting to fuse anthrax with the coronavirus spike protein. And they are also attempting to do the same for measles. And those are essentially gain of function studies. The person that runs their center for vaccine research at UPMC is a major proponent of these gain-of-function studies. And when there was a gain of function moratorium, he was its most vocal opponent and was giving all these talks to government officials about how it needed to be lifted and all of this stuff. And what's very odd about what's going on at UPMC is that in the beginning of the year they were set to be produced really what could have easily been the first coronavirus, a COVID-19 vaccine candidate but it used traditional and tested vaccination methods that are already on the market and whatever.

So under normal circumstances, we could assume that could have happened, but oddly enough after that had made some headlines about that development there, UPMC received a lot of money from CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations), which of course is backed by Gates. And a lot of these actors that have been scrutinized a bit over the course of the pandemic. As soon as that money was received, that vaccine candidate was quietly dropped and in its place were these experiments to merge measles with the coronavirus spike protein, and then merge anthrax with that same spike protein, which definitely don't seem justified, especially when you consider just how many vaccine candidates for coronavirus there are that don't use and don't require that type of genetic engineering of two pathogenic substances.

A lot of this ends up getting announced before it happens. It's definitely got a lot of people's attention, for example, that the term itself, Dark Winter, has been thrown around quite a bit in recent weeks, including most recently by Joe Biden at the last presidential debate. But prior to that, the former head of BARDA testified in front of Congress saying that this winter was going to be the darkest winter in modern U.S. history. Dark Winter is a bioterror simulation that in national security circles is famous. That term may not mean much to the mainstream American public, but it certainly means something to the national security community when they hear that term being thrown around on TV. And when you have Bill Gates saying, “After the coronavirus pandemic there's going to be a bioterror attack,” you also have the council of Europe, a very influential and elitist think tank in Europe saying that coronavirus will be followed by bioterror, also high-ranking former CIA officials. A lot of the people involved in Dark Winter in the biodefense industrial complex that was essentially created after the 2001 anthrax attacks. They're all saying the same thing.

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