It is impossible to understand what happened in 2020, how it changed the world, and its continuing momentum, by looking at the headlines, any more than you can see the big picture of a large jigsaw puzzle by studying one piece, or two or three, especially when the pieces don’t fit together, intentionally.

If you are like me, you are done, with a capital D, giving your precious life’s attention to sort, grasp, and hold together the mess of puzzle pieces dumped on the table every day. So dramatic are the numbers and the images. It took every bit of attention to keep from falling over. It was so big, so complex. Roll up the sleeve and get back to life, which was and is the major political intent, the strategy. Except for one thing. 2020 was the official beginning of World War III. We are the target, and the magic health crisis is the flag, the false flag.

Kennedy, Mercola, Tom Cowan, Barbara Lou Fisher, Syaer Ji, Catherine Fitts, James Corbett, and many others helped by reassuring us that we are not crazy. What we are being told, and not told, censored, doesn’t make any sense. Then she appeared, Alison McDowell, a mom from Philly who cared about her kids and the creepy way standardized tests were being used. She discovered how global finance institutions were turning everything, including our children, into data for digital surveillance and profit. That was about eight years ago.

Alison’s concerns about the future of education, the way children are being turned into data commodities, lead to a wide range of related topics; blockchain identity, machine learning, predictive analytics derived from Internet of Things sensors, social impact bonds, global poverty management, and how virtual game technologies are being applied to control individuals and entire populations. She is passionate about raising awareness of how these and other developments are creating predatory human capital markets designed to enslave all of us, children, even the unborn. Alison knows so much and has connected the dots between so many people, programs and intuitions, that she has become a rock star.

Another rare voice is Catherine Fitts, because Catherine understands Wall Street, government, and global finance. As with most major events that old familiar phrase rings true, Follow the Money. Catherine and Alison speak the same language; they follow the money but are looking through complementary lenses.

The link below is a wonderful and lucid conversation between Catherine Fitts and Alison McDowell. Catherine spent many years documenting up to $100 Trillion Dollars missing from the US Government ledgers. They, the government, cannot account for where the money has gone. As the Secretary of Housing under the first Bush administration, Catherine also has in-depth and firsthand knowledge of how many government and social programs have commoditized poverty and human suffering. Many of the institutions and policies alleging to help the poor actually foster and perpetuate poverty as a means of supporting the programs that claim to help the poor. The people really served by these programs are the programs, not the poor. Alison refers to this as having a dual purpose. Orwell called it Doublespeak.

These dual-purpose tactics are not new. After all, central banks often funded both sides of major wars. They profit from building bombs and from rebuilding what the bombs destroy. That business model has been extended to education, agriculture, health care, the pharmaceutical industry, global banking, poverty and prison management, and more. What is new is the way technology has exponentially increased the clever and often insidious ways the human commodity game, profiting from induced suffering, can be played.

I don’t like hearing what these passionate women are sharing, but to not listen or dismiss their years of experience and research is simply playing stupid.

Would someone actually induce suffering for personal profit? Years ago it was apparent that there were bonded and increasingly unbonded brains. In 1989 Psychologist Ken Magid wrote; High Risk: Children Without A Conscience. Joseph Chilton Pearce, James W. Prescott, and others tied this to what Joe described in Magical Child as a Time Bomb in the Nursery. Many of the kids Ken described in 1989 are leaders today. Bill McKibben links this unbonded psyche to global warming.

The Particular Psychology of Destroying a Planet
What kind of thinking goes into engaging in planetary sabotage?

There’s an interesting explanation in a new book from the British Psychoanalyst Sally Weintrobe. “Psychological Roots of the Climate Crisis” states its argument in its subtitle: “Neoliberal Exceptionalism and the Culture of Uncare.” Weintrobe writes that people’s psyches are divided into caring and uncaring parts, and the conflict between them “is at the heart of great literature down the ages, and all major religions.” The uncaring part wants to put ourselves first; it’s the narcissistic corners of the brain that persuade each of us that we are uniquely important and deserving, and make us want to except ourselves from the rules that society or morality set so that we can have what WE want.

I passionately encourage you to take the time to view all of the links below. First, Alison McDowell with Catherine Fitts for the big picture.

Weaponizing Blockchain – Profiting on Human Suffering

Alison McDowell with Sayer Ji, for how the various programs work.

To understand more deeply, please absorb how Vandana Shiva describes the strategies being used and their historical context.

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