News isn’t news. This world-changing COVID event is a clever twisting of image and data, delivered in daily doses through the most direct and powerful propaganda network ever conceived. As a filmmaker I always ask – who is producing the show? Who is writing the script?

Beneath the surface of our minds simmers now a new and terrifying assumption. Every human being, every surface, every breath we take may be infected with a deadly invisible predator. Who knows? It might be you or me. Don’t touch. Stay away. Cover your face. Roll up your sleeve. This slavery won’t hurt a bit. A global superstition has been injected deep in the soul of humanity. Look at what we are doing to our children, their innocent psyche branded, red hot, like cattle. While distilled, verified and often censored data tells a different story. Compared to recent years this flu season was measurably less deadly.

What we call the human ego or social-image is an imagined virtual reality. Screen technology is a counterfeit of the same. The more primitive brain centers don’t distinguish between the counterfeit and the imagined. The state produced by both, fear, is the same. This is the unprecedented power of today’s propaganda, mimicking, and exploiting the same structure that spawns our identity. No wonder the hypnotic enchantment is so compelling, once implanted, why it is so hard to extinguish.

Human consciousness is swimming in imagined thoughts, images, and the emotions they trigger. Like a fish in a bowl, we accept this as normal, without question. And tacitly this acceptance includes our personal identification with what is imagined. Our imagined reality is our identity. Both our reality and identity are dominated by undisciplined and unquestioned imagination. As long as this unquestioned imagined reality remains unquestioned – nothing will change. It will only get worse. You can feel the darkness spreading.

Clever and convincing propagandists, snake oil salesmen masquerading as politicians, news-actors, and public-disease ambassadors, beat the drums and most eagerly drink the Kool-Aid, believing what is being injected so skillfully into our consciousness. Technology and implicitly technological-systems are leaching into our veins, being implanted in our bodies, changing how we think, perceive, and behave, for lockstep control and, of course, profit.

Machines and machine systems are not touched by the deeper capacities that define being human; empathy, altruism, joy, grief and despair, compassion, the capacity for authentic play and insight, and a deep, fundamental knowing that our very existence is an entangled, interdependent and symbiotic relationship, a spontaneous, adaptive dance with all life. This non-conceptual embodied constellation is our true nature, our true identity, not what is imagined.

Identity is the key. For centuries, undisciplined imagination has been the enchantment, pure abstraction, ego, and culture, leading the charge to the sixth great extinction. And like a Bruegel painting or Dorothy holding her silver slippers, the way home has always been waiting, so close – yet hidden from the enchanted mind of image and concept.

Real change comes from new acts that emanate from a single awakened realization, that awakening being from our collective imagined dream, an enchantment, and deadly entrapment that technology only deepens. When the energy of attention suddenly stops feeding that virtual-reality, when that noise and its distortion in consciousness ends, a completely different reality-identity grabs the wheel just inches from the cliff. This new ground, this new reality, and identity, what Star Wars called The Force, “the sky-like nature of our mind. Utterly free, timeless and fun, so simple and natural that it can never be complicated, corrupted or stained, so pure that it is beyond even the concept of purity and impurity, our flawless, present awareness, cognizant and empty, naked and awake,” true spontaneous intelligence - changes everything from the inside out. So true and powerful is this awakening that it becomes the default state, like a big bright shining compass pointing in a completely new direction. And what we thought was the master, the magnificent capacity to imagine, conditioned memory, intellect, and technology, take their proper place as powerful tools, creatively sculpting wholeness and wellbeing, where before there was none, and not a moment too soon.

While most will be eaten by technology, a few will escape, retain, and expand our true human essence. These few will be the outcasts who model nature’s true transcendent design. They will be the superheroes, living models, that tomorrow’s mechanical children will dream about, hoping one day to become. Let’s you and I be one of these.