As with most of the world I have been watching with amazement recent events, unprecedented in our history. We live in perhaps the most critical generation of all time. Our fate and the fate of every living thing rests in our hands. We are responsible, not the corrupt politicians and their corporate cronies who are placing bets using our name and our resources.

Years ago I was walking in front of the Ann Frank House in the Netherlands with a Dutch friend who kept saying ‘before the war,’ or ‘after the war.’ When I asked what that meant he explained that deep inside everyone who lived through the Nazi occupation was ashamed because together they could have prevented the holocaust, but did not. Fascism wrapped in the American flag is still Fascism.

I know several women who are traveling to Washington for the Million Woman March. Like Gandhi the Native Americans, shielded by Veterans, stopped the Dakota Pipeline. Like tiny flashes of light that together make supernova, everyone must do their part.

5.5 million citizens have signed a petition encouraging each member of the Electoral College to not be bound by state or party affiliations and to cast their vote for the good of the nation and the world. Please add your name.

Below is a link to a web site that makes it easy to write a personal printed letter to all 273 members of the Electoral College. Below that is a second link that sends a personal email to all 273 members of the Electoral College.

Events are unfolding very fast. The Electoral College will vote in less than a week.

Michael Mendizza

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