Those driving the brand called COVID are like termites. The real damage is done in darkness, beneath the surface, relentlessly. What we see, 99.99% scripted media, is all surface. A dreamlike-nightmare. Everything is twisted; good is bad, bad is good, counting cases not illness, sleepwalking psychoses, sane is crazy and crazy insisting it is sane. The new normal.

Like the US Civil War, the lines have been drawn. Hidden behind useless masks it’s hard to tell; Yankee or Rebel? But then we see a glimpse:

The Real Anthony Fauci,” may be the most heavily footnoted volume to ever sit atop global best-seller lists for six consecutive weeks. With 500,000 copies sold, it has attracted a whopping 5,500+ five-star reviews (92%). Despite extreme hostility toward this volume from mainstream media and the medical cartel, no one has yet identified a factual inaccuracy in its 250,000 words. RFK Jr.

Appreciating that I mostly preach to the choir, I write less and do more. Attached are my correspondences to two Californian Statesmen, respected gentlemen whose well-sounding scripts were blatantly false, even fraudulent. I sent Kennedy’s book to each and will send more. See the attached.

Here is a link to a courageous Louisiana nurse speaking out. Short, truthful, and passionate. You can feel it. Her heartbreaking, wondering what she will tell her children when they ask her why they did this? Please watch and listen.

And then, the flip side of the same story; ‘The Day Jake Tapper Sold His Soul to Pharma,’ by Kennedy. Here ‘Bobby’ reveals the dark underbelly of the new normal propaganda-censorship and vilification of ‘truth,’ and why it smells so bad. Good is bad, bad is good, sane is crazy and crazy insisting it is sane. Pity, my brother and two sons won’t see these. I’ve been censored.

A colleague sent out a survey: What is your #1 accomplishment in 2021? My reply:

Not becoming depressed, remaining happy, positive, optimistic, and full of energy and creativity.

While most see the women being sawn in half, zooming in with blood splattering special effects, I see a ‘B’ movie magician, a Wizard of Oz sociopath pushing and pulling levers. As Toto keeps tugging at the screen, more will see the trick too.

All the incredible beauty, majesty, and mystery that has surrounded us always is right there on the path every morning. And sometimes, I’m still enough to look.

Michael Mendizza