Carly’s attention deepens, distills and expands. She doesn’t miss a thing, not a sound or speck on the floor, the tone of my voice, tension in my body or the ever-changing emotional expressions we share. The play look has taken root. In a glance the chase is on, laughing and rolling together on the floor. The absorbent mind is what Maria Montessori called it, absorbent because it is not preoccupied. Her attention is like the wind touching, experiencing, indeed absorbing, creating new patterns of relationship with every leaf on every tree. The greatest challenge we face is steady attunement with this unfolding miracle. We are mentors and completely responsible, moment by moment, 24/7. That’s intense and it is a blast.


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The Challenge and Responsibility We Call Parenting

The miracle we are is a constantly changing interplay, a constellation or radiant galaxy of trillions of independent but interdependent cells relating, communicating and cooperating. No thing is ever the same, not for a blink. As we now know there is no such ‘thing,’ as an atom, only movement. We are that, only movement.

We honor that impermanence, that we are a river moving or we misconceive. We create an abstract, somehow fixed notion that we are static, a me, mostly as a defensive strategy to avoid anticipated and self-projected fear.

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Science and Politics of Vaccines

the greater good

I have been aware of this important documentary for some time. Now you can view the entire film free for a short period of time.

The Greater Good "weaves together the stories of families whose lives have been forever changed by vaccination," and shows how modern medicine, especially when driven by politics and big business, can rob you of some of your most basic rights. The results of such politically- and financially-driven policies can be devastating and one movie reviewer, who saw the groundbreaking documentary, commented:

greater good veimo

 "What's being said is staggering, especially if you don't know too much about the science of, and politics behind, vaccines." - LA Weekly

You can support THE GREATER GOOD's Community Engagement Campaign by purchasing a Limited Edition DVD for only $10! Click HERE to purchase a copy to show your support!

Landmark California Law now Bypasses Parent Consent
Recall our newsletter warning that corporate government is stripping away parent informed consent rights. It was signed into law. Seventh graders can now be vaccinated without parents’ knowledge or permission.

Dr Tim O'Shea was the first to introduce me to the vaccine controversy with his book Vaccination Is Not Immunization.

Tim recently published a review of the new California Law and the MONEY, not health of our kids behind it.

Vaccine marketers scored a landmark victory in California in October 2011 when Jerry Brown fetched the stick and signed into law a new bill allowing schools to vaccinate 12 year olds without informing their parents.