Seeds of Love, Extinction or not? Where do we go from here?

A colleague suggested I view a conversation with Deepak Chopra and Vananda Shiva; Seeds of Love.

I have had brief encounters with both. Deepak noted in the dialogue:

The environment is our extended body. The air is our breath. The sun is the source of life. The Earth is recycling as our physical body. The rivers and oceans, and even the puddles are our circulation. The trees are our lungs. So, we have a personal body; we have a universal body, and they are both equally ours. And, unless we have this emotional, spiritual shift, then the war will continue. What we need is a critical mass that can see reality as it is--that you, as a biological organism, are not separate from so called environment. In fact, you are a product of that; you are an activity of that.

Quite right. My collection of essays; Where do we go from here? linked below, addresses what Chopra is describing by revealing why we don’t live in the reality that we are not separate from the environment. Below is my correspondence to both.


Deepak Chopra, MD and Vandana Shiva

February 7, 2020

Re: Seeds of Love, Extinction or not? Where do we go from here?

Dear Deepak and Vandana,

Time is short, a decade, perhaps two. If the attached; Where do we go from here? resonates, perhaps we can collaborate and meet this challenge together.