In a recent post, a number of comparisons were made with COVID-19 and the Flu (influenza) including information from the CDC and historical references. Gregg Braden describes in his informative presentation that COVID-19 is not influenza, though it has similar symptoms, which calls into question some of the comparisons. Fair enough. No doubt, there are risks. Personally, I struggle to grasp the scale. 3,000 deaths in the most polluted and irradiated city in China, of a national population of 1.5 billion, is a blip so dim that can barely be seen. 785 as of today, of the total US population of 331,002,647 (three-hundred-thirty-one million) is equally small. 800,000 people commit suicide each year, one every 40 seconds.

The general state of humanity's immune system, as with that of many other species, has been systemically compromised; toxic soil, toxic food, toxic air, toxic water; our bodies, homes, and the earth irradiated 24/7 with EMF frequencies. Over 50% of our children have one or more chronic diseases. Indeed, the elderly who have lived most of their lives in this increasingly depleted state are at risk, not only from this threat, from any threat. It is not the bug that counts, it is the quality of our immune system. Without fear, as I take sensible precautions, I focus on that, the big picture, what I can do every day to support robust vitality in body, mind, and emotions, in everyone and everything I care about.