“Nothing is more important for our future than to stop and break the control grid.”

As many of us watch happily the COVID narrative implode, the spotlight shifts to the real agenda, Central Bank Digital Currency CBDC, and Vaccine Passports. The always first step is: to be informed.

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The “pandemic” may be over, but the agenda behind the unleashing of one or more deadly poisons and diseases and an even deadlier “cure” is not. The Going Direct Reset is moving forward, and if the populations of Western countries do not wake up, the final part of the central control grid may snap into place—the rollout of digital identities and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

Tracked, traced, and databased….” Behind the QR codes and green passes that governments, businesses, and even churches introduced during the “pandemic”—requiring them as proof of health or vaccination status—an even vaster infrastructure is being built. Once fully implemented, this “digital gateway” will determine your identity, career, currency, liberty, and personal sovereignty.

Pitched to the public as convenient and safe, the machinery of a globally applicable digital ID and its data flows and data farming amounts to a lucrative “economics of total central control” working for Mr. Global alone. The promised benefits of having all our personal identification, login, and digital interactions in one “digital wallet” may soon transform into a terrifying captivity under the rule of unelected central bankers.

State of Control is a timely and factual documentary with skillful cinematography, directed and researched by Benjamin Jonas van den Brink and produced by Max von Kreyfelt of Debunk Productions. It provides a highly convincing and logical presentation of evidence and developments that has the power to reach both the skeptical and the credulous.

Nothing is more important for our future than to stop and break the control grid. State of Control is immensely helpful in this endeavor—a film to show to friends and family and to watch yourself to lift the fog and understand what is at stake and what must be done.

Watch for free and support by donating to the film at debunkproductions.com.

Catherine Austin Fitts