The Berlin wall did not crumble under armed conflict. A new reality negated the old paradigm rendering the wall obsolete. The same is true of COVID and what has been termed The Great Reset.

The ongoing COIVID event continues as a new false-reality by flipping basic assumptions:

  • Innocent until proven guilty is now guilty until proven innocent.
  • We, humanity, are the enemy and treated as such. Our true nature, which is nature, must be beaten into submission by technology, a war that formally began with Sir Francis Bacon, 1561-1626,; Victor Frankenstein, Gates, Musk, Big Tech, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Big Pharma, the CIA, the Pentagon, state Governors, Central Banks, etc., whose collusion is now manifesting as an emerging global prison, never-ending mass vaccinations, real time, 24/7 nanotechnology surveillance, with jobs and currency being replaced with digital central bank social/credit – the Great Reset, if we allow them.

This propaganda-trance-reality, being projected into our minds every day, is specifically designed to concentrate power, profit and global population control, enforced by ever tightening restrictions of civil liberties, social freedom and access, based on unregulated, undemocratic digital social-credit scores.

We are living in a paradigm war fought, not with bombs, rather with mental images. In such a war everyone must be well informed, challenge, and negate this new false-reality by moving the center of their consciousness into a different paradigm. Not with violence, by discovering, living and affirming a different reality that negates and renders the ‘other,’ like the Berlin wall, obsolete. But how, without losing our minds and wellbeing? What is a sane and effective response?

A mindful meditation:

  • Be always awakening from the temptation to reify and identify with propaganda induced ignorance.
  • Ask, and keep asking basic, deep, and critical questions, assuming that what appears to be news is likely propaganda disguised.
  • Demand proof that the data quoted is independent, not biased or corrupt, and verifiable. When not, insist that clean data is used for personal and policy decisions.
  • Demand proof that policies are appropriate, necessary and proven effective. (None are.)
  • Forbid, protest, and refuse to comply with the use of unusual or harsh policies, isolation, sensory and social deprivation, and torture. (Experimental mass vaccinations is torture.)
  • Subvert censorship by supporting organizations that encourage open and free civil debate while each of us share with others what we have discovered to be true.
  • If policies are challenged by conflicting data (often censored) that proves to be correct, demand that everyone responsible for harmful policies be held accountable for the damages they have caused, while ensuring that harmful policies are changed.

Simultaneously, while perusing the above, and this is the crucial part, remain grounded in our true nature, which is our authentic identity. From this grounded context, with equal clarity, passion and wonder:

  • Walk in beauty, celebrating, affirming and aligning our life, values, auctions, and true identity, with the vast, sacred miracle nature is, which is our authentic nature.
  • Model this authentic identity in every action, especially for children, every day, as we continually awaken from cultural propaganda spell, and help others do the same.

*Notes: The Great Reset is not Technocracy, mechanically imposed from the outside. The Real Reset is inward, in the default state of our mind. The astonishing power of imagination to enchant has dominated human consciousness for 50,000 years or more. So powerful is this capacity that we lose track of what we are doing. Imagined mental images, and the feelings they evoke, explode, filling our consciousness like fourth of July fireworks. Not realizing that we are creating the show, we reify what we see, convincing ourselves and others that the images are not images, but real, independent realities. We believe the make-believe we are creating. One burst triggers the next and the next, deepening our enchantment, obscuring the truth that this entire mental process rests upon a deeper reality that we rarely see, acknowledge or feel. Our true nature is not imagined, nor can the imagined ever conceive, express or hold that deeper reality, for it lays beyond, and therefor is hidden from the mind of image and concept.

The Real Reset, the only reset that will save us from ourselves, is discovering that the imagined reality that we consider to be reality, is a bubble floating on an infinite sea of entangled meaning. Alan Watts described this vast hidden context by saying; “We can’t catch the wind in a paper sack.”

Our greatest challenge, before being eaten by technology, is discovering, and more importantly identifying with this deeper context, which then informs and guides what is imagined like a magnet brings order to iron filings. Without this deeper natural order informing and guiding, the counterfeit reality we imagine, which is the only reality technology mirrors and amplifies, is all that we know. To that counterfeit reality, the deeper natural order some call insight or true intelligence, does not exist.

This counterfeit reality is the default state of human consciousness and has been for centuries. The counterfeit, paper sack reality, defines both what we consider to be real and our identity, which presently excludes our authentic nature, which is nature with its immeasurable creative subtlety, and evolving movement of wholeness and wellbeing. Our challenge is to integrate and therefore bring a new higher order of natural intelligence as the default state of human consciousness.

As we discover our true, authentic identity-reality we need to simultaneously challenge the false reality being imposed externally, by culture and implicitly technology, without identifying with it. Victor Frankel, the renown holocaust survivor comes to mind. From 1942 to 1945, Frankel spent time in four camps, including Auschwitz, and was the only member of his family to survive. He argued that life can have meaning even in the most miserable of circumstances and that the motivation for living comes from finding that meaning. “Everything can be taken but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances.”

Identifying with the source of conflict creates false and distracting conflict in oneself, which may cause the depression and burnout experienced by many social activists.

Aikido emphasizes the importance of achieving complete mental calm and control of one’s own body and mind while mastering our response. The Aikido master protects themselves and others from harm, while neutralizing the source of conflict, without inflicting harming. The Aikido Master perceives directly the insanity in harming another. We are all entangled, harming another is harming ourselves. This state awakens compassion that guides the response while preventing anyone being victimized, including the source of conflict. A whimsical clay sculpture in my office helps me remember.

Carly helps me too.