Perhaps you have noticed; the planet is melting, the oceans are full of plastic and our children are the sickest of any prior generation. Dr. Frankenstein is indeed, alive and well.

I admire Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. He and Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) with Joseph Mercola, MD, are doing everything they can to counter the pro-vaxx propaganda-machine. With Google and Facebook censorship, along with other social media networks, these agents of facts and informed consent are relying more on personal networks rather than on the convenience of social media giants to share their important mission and passion. Something we must all do. Please see Mercola's report on media giant's censorship of critical informatin about vaccine safety.

This video by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., reveals the heart wrenching truth about the Gardasil vaccine, and describes the conflicts of interests that have been happening at the FDA, NIH and the CDC for decades. We all know, or should, that the agencies that were formed to protect us from corporate corruption are partners in the very activities they pretend to protect us from. And – just out – Barbara shares the history of the science and politics of measles.

Please watch and share these videos so that you, and others, may make informed decisions about Gardasil and other unproven and therefore dangerous vaccines. These presentations and the links below can be useful tools when responding to pediatricians and others who, believing sustained corporate-government propaganda, attempt to force on you, your children and all others, vaccines without informed consent.

Kennedy published two definitive reports: The Sickest Generation and Conflicts of Interest, and Barbara’s transcript are available here. Invaluable resources to have and to share.

Michael Mendizza