Just now, halfway through The Real Tony Fauci, Bil Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, with citation after citation indicting, yes, the ring leader, and his well-greased, meaning paid and rewarded, accomplices, I closed the book and sat in silence.

Nearly everything we know about our personal health, the health of our children, and public health have been scripted, with that script being repeated thousands of times by corporate and social media actors pretending to be journalists, controlled and funded by the same self-aggrandized accomplices, from the advice we receive from our personal physicians to the emergency need for lockdowns including; masking and isolating the entire global population, never-ending forced injections of experiential stuff, to having to show your papers before entering the local restaurant, a relative’s home, the market or bus; robust, healthy, immune, or not – forever.

The relentless pounding of the propaganda drums that became so deafening in 2020, distracts most from seeing directly that the pounding has been there, every day, for decades. It is just louder today, ever more blatant, coordinated, and obscene.

We are Pavlov’s dogs. When the drum beats, we salivate. And the beating drum pounds with such predictable rhythms that we salivate, unconsciously anticipating the next “Boom.” In the absence of the actual, our operant conditioning supplies the stimulus. We behave on cue, even when the cue is subliminal. While our untrustworthy intellect, that inner voice screaming in our head, makes up endless justifications for our anxiety, bodily twitching, and addictions. All operating beneath the level of our awareness. What we call consciousness is always at the end of the line.

In that silence, having closed the book, the above realization lingered, and so did the question, where do we go from here? David Bohm called what I just described, ‘the reflex system,’ a vast network of mechanical pin-ball like associations we call thinking. David realized that remaining embedded in our normal levels of inattention, distracted by the buzzing and flashing in our mind, we cannot escape from our own enchantment. A completely different order and quality of attention is required, what he and others call ‘insight.’

Sadly, you can’t think your way to ‘insight.’ More of the same is simply more of the same. But, and here is my challenge; negating the false hopes and false fears our scripted conditioning, cracks open what Joseph Chilton Pearce called our Cosmic Egg, our self-world-views, and in that flash, something completely new happens.

Like a powerful meditation, the highest level of Tantra practice, Robert F. Kenney Jr., has created that most powerful battering ram experience, carefully crafted and irrefutably honest, to do just that; awaken insight, to liberate you and me from our self-imposed and destructive conditioned-reflex prison.

To say this book is a ‘must-read’ diminishes its importance. Indeed, Tony Fauci is the antagonist, the villain in this tragic drama. You and I, however, are the reason Kennedy wrote the book; because your future and mine, the health and future of all of the children, and the hope we share of an organic, egalitarian future now hangs in the scales.

It is my sincere hope that history shows how the experience Kennedy created, and the way it pushed aside our conditioning, inviting real ‘insight,’ was the most important tipping point of the century.

Please order The Real Tony Fauci, Bil Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. Then actually read it, all 450 pages. Share it with everyone you love, talking together about what it reveals, and where we go from here.