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Touch the Future along with Children’s Health Defense and others, believe in complete health freedom for parents. It should be the parent’s choice, and not the government’s, to decide what goes into the bodies of their children. Statewide policy is becoming more and more oppressive while, at the same time, more inadequately-tested vaccines are added to the childhood schedule. Parents in many states are now fighting to keep their personal belief and religious exemptions in place and prevent mandates. California, as you know, was one of the first to eliminate informed parent’s choice.

SB 276, a new bill in CA, would deny thousands of children with vaccine injuries their promised protection through medical exemptions by restricting language to only include anaphylaxis or near-death. Children who experience seizures, encephalitis, allergic reactions, gastrointestinal damage, and autoimmune disorders will not be protected from further medical injury.

Also under SB 276, medical exemptions will be granted by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Physicians will submit information to CDPH, including the reason for the exemption, the physician’s name and license number and they will need to certify that they have examined the patient. 

Additionally, under SB 276, CDPH will create and maintain a database of medical exemptions, and CDPH and County Health Officers will have the authority to revoke medical exemptions granted by licensed physicians if they are found to be fraudulent or inconsistent with contraindications to vaccination per CDC guidelines.

Children’s Health Defense and Physicians for Informed Consent created a packet and letter for advocates to help in educating your legislators.

Please see the attached and let your voice be heard.

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