Several colleagues reached out feeling challenged by my latest post.
One shared the post with a Physician son, who disagreed, citing a couple of stats that he believes to be correct. Another
lamented that there is so much contradictory information floating around, sharing that Tony Fauci tells a different story with his data. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., was quick to distinguish science from scientists.

This is a high stake, big money, political and corporate propaganda war, and has been from the beginning. We all need to dig deeper than the surface, and yes, that takes some time and attention.

As Einstein noted: what we see is defined by our theory.

Please take the time and view the Blaylock interview from which the images in my post were pulled.

Then view Ivor Cummings #1 September 8

And Ivor Cummings #2 October 10

Review Lockdown efficacy analysis papers:

Finally, view Better Normal – not New Normal from the World Doctors Alliance

Berlin 10.10.2020: Better Normal, not New Normal - - World Doctors Alliance

Table 1 in my post is from the CDC. is from the CDC.

One needs to hold all of the above together to begin living the different paradigm being presented.