A dominate focus of Joseph Chilton Pearce, the last twenty years, was the ancient understanding that the heart is much more than a pump. The heart is a generator of electromagnetic energy, the variable frequencies which constantly communicate with every cell of the body, and this radiant broadcast extends far beyond the body, creating a resonate field of meaning we call bonding. As the mother’s heart field communicates and surrounds her baby in utero, and all the days after, this constant harmonic field of meaning is mirrored by the energy field of the earth. As above so below. This was Joe’s global systems view and also his deep concern.

With the advent of microwaves, Wi-Fi, cell phone towers, and so called ‘smart meter’ technology, the levels of artificial electromagnetic radiation covering the earth and everything in it have exploded a billion fold. The new roll out of G5 technologies will increase this another tenfold.

Joe lamented that surely these counterfeit frequencies of the human heart and the earth’s subtle communication system will interfere with the intelligence of the heart of every heart on the planet and the planet itself. With this global systems-view Joe was fascinated by the emerging field of Neurocardiology, which refers to the pathophysiological interplay and constant communication between the heart and the brain.

The growing understanding of the communication between the heart and the brain via the nervous system has led scientists into understanding its elaborate circuitry. The brain emits neurological signals of oscillating frequencies. The neural rhythms provide information on steady-state-conditions of healthy individuals. Variations in the neural rhythms provide evidence that a problem is present regarding physiologic regulation.

A simple metaphor are hormone emulators found in plastic. The chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) is an endocrine-disrupting chemical that mimics the hormone estrogen. BPA possesses the ability to not only bind to one receptor in the body, but three – the estrogen, the male hormone, and the thyroid hormone receptors. When it binds to these receptors, hormone production levels go out of whack. As hormone emulators found in plastic interfere with a cascade of regulated functions through the human body, counterfeit microwave radiation, of the frequencies the heart and earth produce, disrupt all life forms on earth. That was Joe’s deep concern.

How much radiation does a cell phone emit, compared to what exists in nature? If Neil Armstrong had brought a cell phone to the moon in 1969, it would have appeared from earth to be the brightest object in the universe in the microwave spectrum. In the daytime, the sun would have been brighter, but at night, the cell phone would have outshone every star.

Even a single cell phone, even from miles away, would blind radio astronomers making it impossible for them to see the stars. Astronomers measure radio waves in units called janskys. A typical star shines at 10 to 100 janskys. The Sun shines at about 500,000 janskys. When you hold a cell phone against your head, you are pumping energy at the rate of about 100,000,000,000,000,000 janskys into your brain. Imagine what a cell tower emits. With this in mind please examine how the proposed G5 technology will change the world.

For many years I have been gathering information and research on this theme. A rich collection of resources has been added to Touch the Future’s Academy: Cell Phone, Cell Tower, EMF Radiation and G5 Impact on Human and Planetary Health. I hope you find this of value.

Michael Mendizza

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