From my last post Being Happy In A Sad World

We might consider that a world awash in bad news
Is an induced, now normalized, state of psychosis
Where people have difficulty distinguishing what is real

At breakfast with my son, who remains frightened by the mainstream narrative, I shared;

There is another way of viewing current events. You see the woman being sawn in half. I see the trick being performed by the magician. You identify with the illusion. I don’t. That is the difference I hope you can experience.

By synchronicity or coincidence, hours after posting Being Happy in a Sad World, a colleague sent a animated short on ‘mass psychosis,’ how it is achieved, and why. A must see… Here is the link.

MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL

This morning Mercola posted a sharp and compelling essay (attached below) that ended with:

By the looks of things, the COVID-19 mass psychosis and loss of any rational thinking by nearly half the population will continue to persist as long as the propaganda continues. Fear will continue and if need be, other engineered viruses may be released, for which they’ll create even more gene modification injections. If they get their way, we’ll be stuck on a vaccine treadmill that may radically reduce the population.

The theme of mass psychosis is in the air, and for good reason. I encourage you to view the animated short, review Joseph’s new post and revisit my recommendation to not identify with the daily dose of bad news, the weapon of mass psychosis.


A new video you won’t want to miss. Censored by YouTube within minutes of posting.

One of the great controversies is; has the SARS-Cov-2 virus been isolated?
Dr Tom Cowan and others admit that it has not.
This means that there is no verifiable proof that the symptoms grouped under the title of COVID are in fact caused by the alleged virus. This happens to the the same with HIV and AIDS. After years, billions in profits and thousands of deaths, there is no verifiable proof that HIV or sexual contact caused AIDS. The implications are staggering.

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