What has become Vax-Hysteria, like most major controversies, is scripted. I love citing the BBC reporter, live, describing that Building Seven at the World Trade Center on 9/11 was falling, which could be seen standing in the shot behind her, twenty-minutes before it did in fact collapse. The obvious question is; who wrote the script? The unbridled role media plays in Manufacturing Consent, The Political Economy of the Mass Media (Noam Chomsky,1988), is the true role and function of corporate media. But we forget, which is the point.

It was fifteen years ago that I got my first dose of the current vaccine controversy reading The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination is Not Immunization, by Dr Tim O'Shea, updated in 2017, Vaccination Is Not Immunization; The War on Children. https://thedoctorwithin.com/vaccination-book/

Tim and I sat together at this office in San Jose, California, a few weeks ago. And shortly thereafter, he published his regular newsletter, in my view one of this best.
Do watch these Robert F. Kennedy’s video clips first – then read on.





Newsletter Dr Tim O'Shea

Ever feel discouraged about the way things are going with vaccinations in the US?  especially in California - the most dangerous place in the world to raise a child, now with virtually no exemptions? 

Ever wonder why Congress has been ignoring Dr Wm Thompson for the last 3 years - the CDC scientist demanding to be subpoenaed to testify about the massive cover-up he witnessed in which incontrovertible evidence that vaccines cause autism - was trashed by his CDC committee?

Or why Vaxxed - the most authoritative and powerful movie ever made on vaccines - seems to be quietly fading from sight, banned even from Netflix and the other video platforms who will air almost anything...?

Or the virtual blackout of factual discussion in everyday media of any legit science about vaccines?  Or the bovine conventional wisdom that pervades entertainment media - safe, effective, necessary...?

Or the shrinking choir of activists and researchers working diligently to pile up even more scientific evidence exactly how vaccines impair children's developing immune systems, while funding a global industry who cannot be sued - with governments making laws requiring parents to use their injections?

Who’s all this research for?  A closed circle of infighting groups, growing ever smaller?

All these cheerful thoughts have occurred to RFK.  And much more besides.  A man who's seen what little value his celebrity has in getting his vital research to appear anywhere.  Except perhaps in the tight little group of sites that have taken a closer look at the vaccine behemoth.  A man who has heard not one more peep from the White House about the evanescent 'Vaccine Commission' suggested two years ago...

A man who has nothing to gain and only his precious time to spend by trying to point out the perils of vaccines to a nation too busy to listen...  What - we're poisoning our children, destroying their neurology?  Really?  Can't look at that right now -- have to study the new Oculus Virtual Reality game...  It's the bomb...

What Bobby Kennedy has endured in the past 10 years is far more than all this. Was ever a set of vocal cords more in need of a rest than his?  Why won’t he give up?  Why is he going on? Why would anyone think the human race is still worth saving? Let him tell you: see the clips above.


Possibly at the nadir of de-evolutionary anthropology are state legislators, with their customary level of personal ethics, morality, education, intelligence, and literacy.  Nowhere more obvious that in California, now one of the most dangerous places on earth for children.

The principal requirement for election seems to be pandering to the lowest common denominator of public awareness in any area that’s of interest to corporate lobbyists.  Like the vaccine industry.  The result is predictable:  a coven of legislators, slavishly obedient to the Kevlar glove of influence, dedicated to a Pavlovian compliance with What Everyone Believes.  The antithesis of leadership – follow the herd.

From this rich tapestry has emerged the recent laws aimed at abolishing vaccine exemptions (Four Horsemen). The militantly uninformed legislators seem to have spent all their time learning how to get into a position of power – and no time educating themselves on the issues they make laws regarding.  No IQ, academic, morality, or literacy requirements for them.   Just follow the herd – patronize the herd, test the limits of the herd’s tolerance for superfluous new laws that are binding on everyone.  Their new motto: Legislate, Don’t Educate.

In addition to the 69 vaccines on the CDC Schedule, here’s a summary of their newest decisions on how the rest of us must raise children:

  • Two doses of varicella before kindergarten(chickenpox)
  • Two doses of MMR and three of Hepatitis B vaccine

With no training in medicine or physiology, these pretenders have even made laws for MDs to follow regarding exemptions:

  • The specific nature of the physical condition or medical circumstance exempting the patient
  • The physical condition or medical circumstance is permanent
  • Each specific immunization from which the pupil is exempt.

Of course this is imaginary busywork invented by those who still refer to vaccination as “immunization.”  Find the particulars about this misnomer in The War On Children.

Are vaccines scientific at all?  The standard level of placebo-controlled clinical trials and safety studies that are required for every other class of drugs – these are quietly omitted in the vaccine approval process.

That means there can never be a formal clinical study where a vaccinated group is compared against an unvaccinated.  Why?  Because the results are predictable – observable within the general population right now:  the unvaccinated are always far healthier, by any measure one employs.  That fact must be kept hidden – from all except those who look.

Without scientific evidence, vaccines become a belief system. A de facto religion. But wait -  One of the bedrock principles on which this country was founded was religious freedom.  That was the main reason many people came to America - one of the few places on earth where any and all religions were welcome. Violent as our history has been, wars of religious persecution have never been part of our own infighting. We usually kill for oil, land, selling war gear, etc. We’ve never had the audacity to force one religion on everyone. Until now. Suddenly, with the enormous number of forced vaccines manufactured by the for-profit corporations, cartels protected from liability by the same government that is now requiring people to be vaccinated against their will, guaranteeing the permanent market - for the first time in our history those not of the Vaccine Religion are being compelled to join up, by force of law.

Any hope for the future?  You probably didn’t hear about the Middleton vs Pan case in Jan 2018, a class action suit lost by a number of parents being forced to vaccinate their children in California. The judge ruled that “mandatory vaccination laws are within the state police powers…” State police powers? What is this - 1941? These are children being forced to get experimental vaccines which the Supreme Court in 2011 has described as “unavoidably unsafe,” by their very nature. Any hint of the recklessness of such an ongoing agenda is prohibited from the everyday narrative, of course.  The sheep graze on, quiet and obedient, tuned into their Netflix, FB, Oculus, and cellular hypnopedia. Or is it Wikipedia?

Homeschool beckons with open arms.  As time steals by in California, the abyss between the Common Core product and the homeschool graduate grows empirically wider and deeper.  Why did we pay all that tax money for public education, when students are required to face neurological handicap by endless unproven inoculations before they enter?  

Vaccines increase, their enforcement gets more rigid, brain injuries skyrocket, and academic achievement of American schoolkids plummets to an all-time low. With a whole new array of brilliant curricula available, it’s no wonder Homeschool enrollment thrives.  It’s the survival instinct of the species.

As vaccinated children gradually lose their ability to concentrate, to conceive abstract thoughts, to develop an imagination, to learn by repetition, to empathize, or appreciate higher sensibilities – in the future we can’t expect that people will look back at this period and ask - why did we give them so many vaccinations?  No. That’s probably too optimistic.

But you know what they will ask?   Why are all these young people so unmotivated – so uninformed?  So uninspired. When do you think that eventuality might begin?

Dr Tim O'Shea


The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination is Not Immunization


Vaccination is not immunization


Tim’s latest


Ever since the bills AB2109 and SB277 were passed, we have kept a list of Doctors Who May Sign Exemptions on the site. It has been very instructive, revealing some dark secrets of the California vaccine program.

First thing we found out: there are 2 types of doctors on our list of exemptors:

Those who actually respected medical freedom and existing California law and

Those indiscriminate vaccinators who see the beleaguered parents as an exploitable new market

Recently a lot of docs are calling us to be taken them off the list of signers. They're being threatened by insurance companies for signing exemptions. Patients are also calling and saying that many of the doctors on the list are no longer signing exemptions.

That often has to do with what the patient says on that first call.  They may ask if the doctor signs exemptions there.  If that's the first question, the office may be afraid it's a witch-hunt and may say no even if they do sign. It's better for parents to say they'd like to come in for an evaluation, and then when they get to the appointment ask What's your policy on vaccines? Some democracy, right?

It's about the state's refusal to ignore existing law and only enforce the ones they like. Can you think of any other issues today that are about following existing law, or not?

Without the rule of law, the corporate state takes over, indifferent to due process and statutory law. Benjamin Rush's Undercover Dictatorship. A quote from Don Harte's newsletter:

“Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a Special privilege for medical freedom as well as religious freedom.”

The loss of the parent's right to protect their own children's health in California has been carefully orchestrated. Beginning with AB2109 several years ago, the first attack required an MD to cosign the traditional Personal Beliefs Exemption. With little opposition, that was followed by SB277, which simply abolished the 75-year-old Personal Beliefs form, leaving medical exemption as the only way a child could remain unvaccinated in California.

That was the beginning of our list of exemption signers. But even after the first year, MDs would tell me they were getting threatening letters from their insurance group informing them if they wanted to continue to participate, stop writing exemptions. Slowly the number of signers dropped off, and more and more parents caved in to the pressure and vaccinated their children.

But now with the Bob Sears story last week in the LA Times, the attack on medical freedom is coming from a new direction: the California medical board. Dr Sears has never been anti-vaccine and indeed has vaccinated thousands of children over the years. But he recognized that SB277 wasn't really about vaccines at all but about who controls children's health - who has charge of the child - the parent or the state?

Sears simply respected any parent's statutory right to choose health options for their own children. That's it. That's his crime. But now Medicine considers any doctor even mentioning the phrase medical freedom as a disloyal rebel, in need of severe discipline.

Sears saw clearly the slippery slope looming ahead - if one belief system can be forced on another by new laws, laws which completely ignore the relevant science, what does that suggest for the future? Mandatory chemotherapy for "pre-cancer" cases? Mandatory fake insulin for Type II diabetes, curable by lifestyle? Mandatory drugs and monitored blood tests for any diagnosis? The state's power to force drugs and procedures on the population - Where does it end?

Parents of the unvaccinated don't care how many vaccines other parents choose. But what if they did? What if the unvaccinated were in the majority and gained enough political power to forbid everyone from getting vaccines? Same result - end of medical freedom.

But these days organized medicine wants more than money--they want their Loyalty Oath. That why they're forcing patriots like Sears - worker bee that he is - to be penalized with all those hours of Re-education. How very Marxist.

Realizing years ago that they couldn't win the scientific debate on vaccines, the Orchestrators noticed the flock's declining intelligence and interest in the quality of scientific testing behind vaccines.

The vaccine debate disappeared completely. In truth, there never was one. A debate is a forum where both sides of a controversy are provided equal time to present evidence. That has never happened with vaccines. Once medical exemption finally disappears from California, which will happen, all children must be vaccinated. No choice, no option, no debate, no freedom.

The mountain of science cited in books like Vaccination Is Not Immunization is read only by a very small and unchanging demographic - those few parents who are concerned about their child's immune system enough to actually do the reading to learn for themselves about the safety vs. risk of vaccines for their children.

Think of these rare, bold people who insist on making up their own mind, not coerced by ubiquitous propaganda - think of them as though they were sitting in a room in chairs facing each other.  And they're talking to each other, presenting the real science of vaccines. And as time goes by, they pile up more and more of the best verifiable evidence that proves the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines. Like in the movie Vaxxed.

But at the same time everyday media, bankrolled by The Industry, is spouting off an endless excrescence of slogans and clichés, which are their substitute for reading and learning. Advocacy Media. And the flocks are constantly imprinted with the buzzphrases, and vote for the panderer who best supports that mass conditioning.

And that's why the room doesn't get any bigger - same crowd same room, more educated with more science, but the public is not interested in science. And definitely not in reading. They're interested in everyone being forced to think like they do. Which isn't thinking at all. Just Pavlovian response.

Dr Tim O'Shea

The latest on Robert F. Kennedy Jr. below:

The age of Autism

The Global Vaccine Crisis of 2018: Why Andrew Wakefield is Back in the News

By John Stone

"Perhaps the most fundamental point is that having established this uninterrupted global pipeline for the industry’s products to the world’s children they have failed to ensure manufacturing standards even according to their own criteria."

An experienced pharma watcher has said to me repeatedly in the past few days: "There is something going on". He is not looking directly at pharma he is watching the prolonged and hostile media coverage of the friendship of Andrew Wakefield and Elle Macpherson as revealed to the public by the Daily Mail: something which to most people - except those who might know them personally - might be of only momentary interest, if any: but also the source of a great swirling mist of unprincipled junk journalism which has now be going on for a week. I was drawn into this maelstrom myself last week by a Daily Telegraph feature writer, Rosa Silverman, who wanted to interview me about this non-issue (certainly not a public one) and the "anti-vaccine movement in the US". Rosa quoted me a number of times, which I barely expected (that was the one thing which surprised me). Nevertheless, having thought about the article. "Whatever happened to Andrew Wakefield: the curious rehabilitation of the doctor behind the MMR scare" (18 July)" for a day I felt obliged to complain about both the stereo-typing and failure to address the information I had passed to her (my letters to her and the Telegraph with information I emailed her are published below).

But the big question is “Why?” The answer is surely with all bathetic baying and shrieking from the press about nothing in particular that the global vaccine government complex could not be in more trouble. What would happen if anyone outside our sphere started to put together the stories we have seen in recent days? Perhaps the most fundamental point is that having established this uninterrupted global pipeline for the industry’s products to the world’s children they have failed to ensure manufacturing standards even according to their own criteria. So, now we have had in a matter of days the China scandal, we have RFKjnr’s revelation that the HHS has shirked its responsibility to inspect and report on vaccine safety every two years for the last three decades, and we have the Italian CORVELVA group saying that 5 out 7 schedule vaccines they had independently inspected failed to meet biological standards.

Also running are stories about MMR in Samoa and oral polio vaccine in Kenya. We have the long running saga of Gatti and Montanari in Italy. Even before you get to the issue of whether the products could be considered safe by design, we have the great unlikelihood in many parts of the world, or possibly any part of the world, that they are routinely manufactured and delivered correctly. And rather than admit that the products are faulty the powers that be just prefer that they go on being injected into everybody’s children without saying anything, because the only important thing for them is that everyone goes on believing in the infallibility of the program.

I do not mention in this context other important stories like Dengvaxia in the Philippines, Christopher Exley's revelations about aluminium in autistic brains or Gayle DeLong’s about HPV vaccines and infertility - things beginning to impinge on the reputation of the vaccine complex.

The point at this juncture is that the global industry is in monumental trouble, acting in such a way as to strain the faith of persons normally much less skeptical of the aims of the program than the traditional readers of this column, and it needs to create a distraction - and what we have from at least the British media in Orwellian terms is this pathetic chant of “Four legs good, two legs bad”. They are attempting to drum out the very possibility of thought: all anyone needs to know now is that Andrew Wakefield - who once dared to question the vaccine project in some way - was/is a very bad man. But I would point out another possibility that most onlookers will be completely perplexed: they will just be saying like my pharma watcher as they get daily more fed up with the feeble-mindedness and illogical antics of the mainstream media: “There is something going on”.

US government exposed: for 30 years, it broke the law on vaccine safety

Jul16 by Jon Rappoport

by Jon Rappoport

July 16, 2018

For 30 years, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) broke the law regarding vaccine safety, and no one noticed or cared.

Then two men came along and discovered the scandal: Robert F Kennedy, Jr. (twitter), head of the World Mercury Project, and Del Bigtree (twitter 1, twitter 2, FB, web), the producer of the film Vaxxed. They filed papers in court, and they won their case.

Here is the issue in a nutshell: In 1986, a law, the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, was passed. It insanely excused vaccine makers from legal liability stemming from unsafe vaccines and the injuries they cause. Buried in the law was a provision ordering the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to update Congress, every two years, on its efforts to improve vaccine safety.

Kennedy and Bigtree thought it would be very interesting to read these HHS reports—all 16 of them. So they filed a Freedom of Information Act request, and then…nothing. No replies.

Kennedy and Bigtree then went to court to obtain the information—and after wrangling and stonewalling, HHS admitted it has NO such reports in its archives.


And the further implication is: there are no reports, because HHS has done nothing to improve vaccine safety in all these years. The original 1986 law removed all liability from vaccine makers BECAUSE THERE WAS A PROBLEM, AND THAT PROBLEM WAS VACCINE SAFETY.

Congress protected billions of dollars that could never be sought in court from vaccine manufacturers. Those law suits, filed by parents of vaccine-injured children, would henceforth be illegal. That was the substance of the law.

So, did Congress recognize there was a serious vaccine safety problem? You bet your life they did, and to make it seem they cared, they charged HHS with doing something about it, and reporting to them (Congress) every two years.


And thanks to the efforts of Kennedy and Bigtree, all this is now exposed.