Martin Luther King and his Viet Nam War.

I was pretty young in the early 60s’ when JFK was politically neutralized. The civil rights movement was no less dramatic. I saw one or two sound bites about something happening in the South. My older sister and brother’s friends were being drafted; protests at Kent State; Viet Nam. I was clueless.

I was also clueless about this guy named Martin Luther King, marching in Birmingham for civil rights. Why, did you know that just a few years ago people of color could not sit next to white folk at the neighbor diner? Children of color had to sit at the back of the bus, could not attend white schools. Imagine that? He had a dream and so must we.

It wasn’t until last year that I actually listened to what this man King was saying. Then I understood why he was shot. No, he was not perfect. But he stood up and faced evil, pointed to what it is, in many ways like the Occupy Movement is doing today, the same evil.

I invite you to listen for yourself – carefully - to what Martin Luther King had to say about his Viet Nam War and see how little has really changed, not in terms of the human spirit, but the nature of evil and how it persists. Please, twenty-two minutes about our lives today and the challenges we all face. King chose every word carefully, passionately, brilliantly. Listen with that that same quality of attention.


Martin Luther King and his Viet Nam War.