Robert F. Kennedy announces presidential run.

Candid, honest, caring, courageous. Please view.

Mercola hosted an interview several weeks ago. I wrote:

Mr. Kennedy,

Having just reviewed your Mercola interview, read your works, listened to your ‘die with my boots on’ pledge when launching CHD, etc., I appreciate even more deeply your story, describing how your father gave you a book inspired by the Stoics. Having read ‘The Lives of the Stoics,’ and applied their passion to current events, I can think of no more appropriate calling, but to ‘do the right thing,’ at any cost. As you know, few are as qualified as you are to do that today. I will pray every day that you navigate, as safely as humanely possible, your path. In heart and soul, I will stand by you and will share the same values with my children.


Michael Mendizza


Thanks for these wonderful words of encouragement and support Michael. 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.