An important paragraph was missing from the original:

Being passionate about the future Carly is inheriting, and preparing her to skip with a light and open heart through the mind-field, I have the passionate responsibility to lift her as she grows high on my shoulders, every step of the way, without imposing, rather by revealing. My note below to Chris, one of the School Starter class originators, is grounded in a long friendship and his half-century walking-the-talk in child-lead learning, highlights this overlapping agenda.

Michael, Regarding the insidious intentions of big tech that are driven only by power and greed, you already know that I'm with you mostly all the way. One of my blog projects a while back was to carefully follow the money driving the Common Core movement. It all led back to Microsoft and their end game of digitizing every classroom, then profiting mightily from a nearly endless educational hardware and software market, and even more so from the ensuing data mining. The picture you and others are painting now is even more chilling of course. But the antidote truly is learning centers like the one you are growing and schools like Shaker Mountain and AFS. I am still in touch with a great many of my graduates and can tell you with certainty that they all see the emperor in his naked glory. And they will never turn their children over to the machine.


Thanks, Chris, of course, you know, and indeed the unfolding technocratic future is chilling. I’m compelled to share how touched and inspired I am, and that doesn’t happen often, by your clear and passionate writings. As Joe Pearce observed, you are a great storyteller. The light you shine is like a steady guide in a mind-field, while holding the hands and authentic nature of our children in your heart.