And maybe your children too…

For the past four years my daughter Carly, now seven, has been blessed to share her life with other children at a Forest/Waldorf inspired play-school; outdoors, in nature, unmasked, unafraid. This term will be her last, forcing my family, like everyone else, to decide what’s next.

Fortunately, there is a School Starter program to help people around the world create healthy, sane, and sustainable alternatives to the compulsory mainstream conditioning systems we call schools. For the past weeks and the weeks to come, I’m a student immersed in the full spectrum of challenges and issues involved in this vision quest. And I do this on top of forty years of participating in and supporting alternative learning systems.

What has distilled from the mud is a realization that the global transnational response to the alleged public health emergency has a parallel process in public education. Clearly, the operant conditioning found in traditional compare/reward/punish classrooms is mirrored around the globe today as mandated social control schemes. Same behavior modification agenda, different costumes, one branded education, the other public health.

Being passionate about the future Carly is inheriting, and preparing her to skip with a light and open heart through the mind-field, I have the passionate responsibility to lift her as she grows high on my shoulders, every step of the way, without imposing, rather by revealing. My note below to Chris, one of the School Starter class originators, is grounded in a long friendship and his half-century walking-the-talk in child-lead learning, highlights this overlapping agenda.

Thanks, Chris, of course, you know, and indeed the unfolding technocratic future is chilling. I’m compelled to share how touched and inspired I am, and that doesn’t happen often, by your clear and passionate writings. As Joe Pearce observed, you are a great storyteller. The light you shine is like a steady guide in a mind-field, while holding the hands and authentic nature of our children in your heart.

I reached out many years ago and asked your views of John-Taylor Gatto’s position, that compulsory schooling has a hidden agenda, “Dumbing us Down, habit, conformity, obedience and authority training.” You replied that you mostly agree. To balance John’s gifts, I now add David Orr to the scale. “Earth in Mind, on Education, Sustainability and the Human Prospect;” that our most pressing challenges have been created by very educated people, “It is not more of the same that we need, it is a different kind of education, one grounded with earth in mind.” John and David are both critics, with each focusing on different themes. Added to these two we must now toss data-mining, surveillance, intended addiction to technology, and predictive AI commoditizing of our children, all our children, into the exploitation blender, with most educators in the system being tacit blades in that machine.

To navigate we must first be aware of where we are walking. We must understand where and how the traps are set. With that clarity, like wearing night-vision glasses and holding sensitive detectors, we can blaze another safe path, the antidote as you say. A healthy and sane approach needs both, a vision of wholeness and a sensitive understanding of the harmful poisons and physical traps hidden in the mainstream structures.

Because this pervasive and dark agenda is expanding and often obscured, I submit that an overview Gatto, Orr, and other past and contemporary educational critics, plus a clear understanding of what is called ‘The Great Reset,’ while considering appropriate alternatives is not optional. I’m so glad to have you as a friend and colleague.


To help, if you are interested, grasp this overlapping hidden public health/education agenda I heartily recommend Robert F. Kennedy, Jr’s, presentation at the 2021 Ron Paul Institute “Pandemic and the Road to Totalitarianism” conference.

Followed by an interview with Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA and DNA vaccine core platform technology, who was among the doctors, lawyers, and other professionals who spoke at the International COVID Summit in Rome, September 12 to 14, 2021.

Also, see Mercola's post on this interview.

As he does so well, Kennedy focuses on how this fabricated ‘emergency’ and corporate-controlled “media,” have conspired to manipulate the public into accepting the systematic and pre-planned elimination of fundamental human rights, civil liberties, the US Constitution, and rule of law. Malone, shreds and reveals how “the science” used to justify these authoritarian tactics has been manipulated to serve this global social control agenda, with the deep conditioning of our children being a prime target. Recall, Kennedy’s organization is Children’s Health Defense, and for good reason. It needs defending.

This focus on children leads us back to the future as my last post,Form is Content: Learning how to conform by not questioning the structure, with John Taylor Gatto,” revealed the history of this manipulation as it expresses in education.

A clear look into this future is revealed by the attached PDF, “America’s Largest Teachers’ Unions Push Vaccine Mandates That Will Usher in Technocratic Digital ID.” This research paper complements our previous post with Alison McDowell. Weaponizing Blockchain: Profiting on the Growth of Inequality

By zooming out, and up, we see how the Hermetic axiom, “As Above, So Below,” holds. Our attention is lifted out of a media-induced-fear-reflex, where the underlying patterns of social entrapment, surveillance, and control for profit emerge. Seeing this breaks the spell. Only then can we navigate the mind-field by adopting life-affirming alternatives; community embedded in nature, lifelong learning embedded in that community, how to reenvision what we call education, how we communicate and share and relate to each other and the environment, produce the food we consume, care for the water we depend on, how we bank, and more.

This will take two hours. And yes, I know, you have other things to do. If, as in H.G. Wells described in War of the Worlds, computerized aliens invaded the planet, embedding sensors in your home and body, enabling remote control monitoring of your every move, including access to schools, local supermarket, air travel, theater, hair salon, yoga studio, bank accounts, and much more, would you take two hours to protect yourself and your children?

Michael Mendizza