Perhaps you noticed, how the confusion created by cognitive-dissonance grinds? Having studied the literature, lockdowns don’t do what they intend. How the COVID vaccines, that are not really vaccines in any historical meaning of that word, don’t do what most believe they do. How the PCR test does not prove anything. That most confirmed cases are asymptomatic, which qualifies for cause-of-death on the certificate. How people alone in their cars, widows up, wear masks. How, when walking unmasked alone through a park, and another walks towards me, how they pull up their mask or stop and back away as if I am frightening. The way little children, two years old, tug their masks close when I walk by. The way masked children wave from behind the prison fence when driving by the local middle school. It is all so automatic now, reflexive, almost unconscious.

When has the government told the truth? Oswald did not murder JFK. There were no weapons of mass destruction. Kuwait babies were not tossed on the floor to die. According to the courts the US government was complicit in the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr. Robert Kennedy was shot at close range from behind, not in front. Thousands of engineers dispute the official story on 9/11. Fraud and corruption is normal in the pharmaceutical industry. The gulf of Tonkin was a false flag. The Kuwaiti oil fields were set ablaze by American troops. The health industry is the third leading cause of death. The government claims that vaccines are safe and effective and yet, 54% of our kids have one of 20 chronic health conditions. A probable cause? The current vaccine schedule for children. They claimed Glyphosate is as safe as drinking water, just like the tobacco industry. When has the government told the truth?

To help penetrate the most powerful and effective propaganda campaign ever, I offer three perspectives.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. with Dr. Zach Bush on COVID-19

We’re literally on the most nuclear-effort to destroy the microbiome in this pandemic that I could have ever imagined, and for that we will speed our demise. But, if we change our behavior, if we become a co-creative element within nature, we could blow up the paradigm.

We were waiting for this to happen. There was going to be a big event in the 2019-2020 flu season, and it could have been any virus. We chose to highlight coronavirus, but I’m convinced that it was many viruses that caused this, far beyond coronavirus. Why? Because in 2018-19 flu season we had the lowest mortality, especially in the elderly, that we had seen from flu in over seven years.

What we have seen in the last twenty months is a consistent viral experience where you might get a little cough; you might get . . . But then another percentage of the population is getting a much deeper injury of hypoxic injury that is Histotoxic Hypoxia from air pollution combined with the virus, as a carrying agent in. So the toxicity isn’t really from the virus at all, but from all he junk it is capable of carrying into the cells. We’re dying from the poisoning of our own environment that we’ve toxified, which is somewhat sort of poetic justice.

Catherine Austin Fitts Planet Lockdown Interview Highlights

We’re not bringing in a new currency; we’re essentially bringing in a new transaction system that will be all digital and, essentially, end currencies as we know them. What they are trying to do involves, essentially, all the money on the planet. It’s big; it’s complicated; it’s messy! The challenge they have is how do you market a system that, if people understood it, nobody would want? And, of course, the way you to that is with a healthcare crisis.

I don’t want to underestimate the ability of the leadership to introduce pathogens that will kill people, and I don’t want to suggest that people aren’t getting sick, but essentially, what you’re trying to do is they are trying to get people to buy into a solution before they see where it’s ultimately going to go. Because, you’re talking about a transaction system that is no longer a currency; it’s a control system. So, it’s like a credit at the company store. If every central bank comes out with a digital central bank currency, they have the ability to turn your money on and off. If you don’t behave, that’s it.

This is an economic war. Since April, we’ve seen global billionaires increase their net worth by twenty-seven percent. This has been a very successful global economic war. What you’re having is this global capitalist class—and, I shouldn’t call it capitalism because it’s not; it’s economic totalitarianism. They’ve been able to consolidate fantastic amounts of economic wealth, not just by deleting the income of the middle class and consolidating it into their companies, but by significantly improving the wealth and power of the largest G7 developed countries, and China, vi sa vi, the emerging markets… So, we’re seeing a consolidation of economic power, centralization both into the wealthier and the more powerful nations, and the, basically, top one percent who control them.  

Thomas Cowan, MD, Their ‘Vaccines’ Are not vaccines, they are Genetic-Engineered Drugs

We are living in the midst of world-shaking, cosmic events, the likes of which most people never get to experience. We are finding new friends, finding our courage, and many of us are finding our voices as we speak out against the treachery we see all around us. Many of us are finding our way back to divine inspiration and new meaning in our lives. We all have to admit and accept that we simply can’t and don’t know where this all will lead, but that has always been the case. Now, more than ever, it’s time to enjoy the ride.

Today I want to address two things that are commonly referred to as “conspiracy theories” in the mainstream narrative. The first is that some of us are saying researchers have never isolated the “corona virus” nor proven that it exists. Proving the existence of the virus is, obviously, the first step in showing that it could cause a disease called COVID-19. The corollary to this claim is that any so-called COVID vaccine can’t possibly be based on something that is actually from a virus, as the virus has never been found.

I have wrestled during these Holy Nights with the question of whether human beings who willingly agree to have an mRNA operating system downloaded into their bodies can claim to be free, spiritual beings again. Frankly, I don’t accept that sending your child to a Waldorf school, or meditating daily, or eating the perfect food will somehow mitigate the damage to the human being that will result from the choice of getting these drugs. I believe we are at a crossroads, and this is the free human being’s chance to say “not me.” All it takes is courage.

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