We are alive and we know it. What an amazing gift that is. Of all the matter in the universe an infinitesimal speck is alive and of that, a minuscule, ever so tiny layer has evolved the capacity to be aware of the miracle being aware is!

For better or for worse this gift of being aware involves imagination. Yes, we can imagine. This magical elixir of the gods bestows the ability to participate in creation itself, to participate in the ontological nature of our own being, our own becoming, existence, what we call reality, and is what friend and mentor Joseph Chilton Pearce calls Evolution’s End.

We are that apex, the tip of billions of years of nature’s musing pen. We are the sons and daughters of Icarus able to soar through the heavens on nonmaterial wings or crash head first into Dante's Inferno, the hell we each create by not understating the spells our own minds weave day in and day out. No, we don’t know ourselves as we should.

The truth is; we are life, embodied and at times we are even aware of the miracle that we are. At those ecstatic moments we greet every expression of life as a mirror because we know deeply, holy, that we are that too. The song then bursting in our heart is called joy. Nothing to justify or defend, the only thing that remains is deep, overflowing appreciation for being able to experience this gift of life that we are. Halleluiah explodes as every cell sings its song praising life, all of life, because we are that. Each and every one of us is the blade of grass. We are kitten, the sky and the sparkling stars filling the night sky. Aware!
Halleluiah! Halleluiah!

Michael Mendizza