There is a false feeling that things are back to normal. No, they are not. Tyranny, oppressive power exerted by those who have captured governments, creeps like termites in the shadows, ever-chewing at what remains of our liberty, sovereignty, and our money, as it has been for centuries.

Speaking Tyranny, let’s “Follow the Soon to be Fake Money.”
From the beginning of the alleged 'pandemic,' Catherin Austin Fitts openly described how the event was a smokescreen for a global financial coup (takeover), masking the meltdown of the global financial system. In 2019 the Repo-Bubble most never heard of challenged the banking system as severely as the 2008 Financial Crisis. You remember TARP, when you and I balled out the Big Banks. That was a good idea.

Have you noticed? There is another banking crisis unfolding today, Much Bigger than in 2008?
Recent bank failures and the destabilizing measures taken by the Federal Reserve and Wall Street are creating even greater bank consolidation — which could further pave the way for a central bank digital currency (monetary-surveillance slavery, the ultimate tool for tyranny).

Economist Jeffrey Sachs explained that the direct root of the current crisis is the tightening of monetary conditions by the Fed and the European Central Bank after years of expansionary monetary policy. For the last few years, they both kept interest rates near zero and flooded the economy with liquidity in the form of quantitative easing — or “printing money” — and then with pandemic response measures, which led to inflation. Both central banks are now tightening monetary policy and raising interest rates to staunch inflation. In other words, traditional measures to keep the monetary system solvent, are not being applied, just the opposite. Follow the money.

Austin Fitts said JPMorgan Chase is a paradigmatic example of how these banks work. She said it is “a bank that has a fundamentally criminal business model, and that business model is protected and supported by the bank and the treasury.” The Solari Report released a report in June 2022 that found between 2002 and 2019, JPMorgan paid at least $42 billion in court settlements for criminal activity.

The management of this crisis is part of a broader move toward bank consolidation, and ultimately CBDC:
“They are going to get everybody to want this [CBDC] and the way they’re going to do that is by allowing Banks to go under one by one … while at the same time consolidating all these small banks into the big banks and those big banks are the Federal Reserve, Citibank, JPMorgan Chase. “They are the shareholders of the Federal Reserve and it would be their currency that we spend.”
According to Austin Fitts, “The pandemic killed a lot of small businesses, and it looks to me that in this situation there’s an effort to kill the small banks, which if that succeeds, we’re in real trouble.”

Global money policy and laundering are way over my head. Thankfully, John Titus, a colleague of Fitts, made it simple. And yes, you will need to watch and listen as John reviews and demystifies compels financial charts and graphs. What he reveals is astonishing. Don't skip this.

Why is the Federal Reserve Provoking a Financial Crisis?

This summary of current events is a must-see. Upon this foundation you will understand:

Are the Feds Using Banking Crisis to Usher in Central Bank Digital Currency?