school reform

The costs of so called higher education pimped with false promises of ‘the good job and better life’ keep going up, funded by the same predator banking schemes that caused the housing bubble and well-crafted depression. Student debt is larger than credit card debit. Education is big business. The truth is, many PhD’s are flipping hamburgers. We each have a choice, freedom or trying to reform the system.

The forces that created NCLB (no child left behind) are larger than education. 9/11, as controversial as JFK’s regime change, was a prelude for increasing Fascist policies in the US, (Fascism being corporate-government). Habeas Corpus, the right of every prisoner to challenge the terms of his or her incarceration in court before a judge, has been tossed out. The US engages in routine torture. Police forces throughout the country have been militarized.

The Orwellian-Double-Speak-Patriot-Act allows corporate-government, against, not for the people, search without warrant or probable cause, not just ‘hypothetical’ terrorists but every US citizen. Surveillance, metal detectors, routine searches, police presence are common schools. There has been a systematic dumbing down of curriculum with a pretext of improving education, more Orwellian rap. Articles and essays have been written about our schools becoming more detention camps and prisons than sanctuaries for learning.

These forces are pervasive and relentless. We are waving toy swords at windmills to believe that our band of merry men and women will change The System. The System was not created to actualize human potential, rather to condition it.

The larger the institution the more they are influenced by these forces. The smaller the learning center the greater the chance of real learning and expansive potential will be realized. Unschooling, free range experience-based, mentored learning is the best model. No comparison. No grades, no punishment, no rewards. At its heartless core The System is really about these; conditioning, comparison, punishments and rewards that mean nothing outside of the system.

What we fail to realize is that the key to repression and control is the self-world view, persona, personal image-identity that was cast and imprisoned by these devices. Real learning frees us from the false hopes and false fears associated with this image.

A goal worth fighting for is to free young men and women from the fear-induced imagined identity that binds them. Only they can see that the King has no clothes. Only a free heart and mind can bring about a new culture.

Our fear, comparison, conditioned live in the box or be rejected self-world view is indeed a paradigm. In optimum states of learning and performance this image is not active. Consciousness is coherent, entrained, not fragmented, a house undivided. Learning is deep, rich, full of meaning. When the cultural image is active most of what is learned is in the service of the image, self-image preservation.

One’s self-world view (self-image) emanates from these controlling, limiting, constraining, comparing, punishing and rewarding forces. This is very deep. Once infected with the image repression and control becomes self-image-generated. We do it to ourselves – to belong – a primal need.

I prefer the term transpersonal or meta-personal rather than spiritual to describe states of being and perception that lay beyond the conditioned image-identity. Spiritual is too loaded with false interpretations.

Just as we have imagined a false noun image of ourselves we have done so to what we call God. God is not a noun, a person, place or thing. The closest I can come is ‘creation’ as a force or drive. The emergence of the neocortex some 50,000 years ago gave human beings the capacity to imagine, and imagination is creation, thus the story of Adam, Eve and the apple. Strip away the Christian anti-female-phobia and the tree of knowledge becomes the capacity to imagine, and as Einstein said, imagination IS more important than knowledge.

We are ‘in the image and likeness,' literally. Satin in this regard is the cultural image that masks our true potential and sucks like a vampire the attention needed to develop our vast innate capacity. Schooling as designed and practiced feeds and fattens the image. True education would awaken each human being to his or her true creative potential and provide the mentored experience to use it – not in service of our false images – but for wholeness, compassion, and wellbeing.

This is an ancient story, force, challenge. Culture is conservative. It must force people to conform or the integrity of the culture is threatened. Machiavellian public relations, politics and self-image interests pray on this iron-madden image to do their bidding. Add money to this repressive quest for power and control and you have corporate-government (Fascism).

BUT - We are not who we think we are. The image is only active when we fear rejection, what others will think. The liberating insight is that the image is active some of the time and not others. There is a gap. This gap provides the leverage to be free of the image. And in that state – we are free to actually see and create something new.

We have a choice, real freedom from the false hopes and false fears associated with this image or chasing our tails trying to reform the system.

Michael Mendizza

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