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I’ll keep this one kinda short, just kidding, because, you know, we are all pretty confused. Two plus two equals three, or (pause), maybe not. The world we thought was real doesn’t feel real anymore. Words like facts, news, science, and truth have lost their anchor and so have our minds. This is not by chance. When a compass loses its connection with north the arrow points in any direction and we don’t seem to notice. Not noticing is part of the plan. Like Pavlov’s dogs, we follow the arrow, arguing passionately; “look, I’m following the arrow. What is the matter with you?”  

You probably don’t feel this way, but I shake my head and wonder. How on earth did the entire human population stop what they were doing, change how they behave, not go to work, not hug their children, not go swimming in the pool, or go to school, not trust touching anyone or anything, and live in constant anxiety 24/7, all at once? How did that happen? No dictator or tyrant in history was able to pull that off by force. Unprecedented is an understatement. How did it happen? Why now?

Never before has a constellation of social forces conspired and compounded to create this perfect storm; fuzzy, confused thinking, instantaneous global media hosting and controlling expertly crafted propaganda and its twin censorship, plus advancing technology able to chip, monitor, track and therefore the ability to soon control every device, transaction and person on the plant. We are led to consider two qualities of mind; one that accepts the daily stories and reports of government as “objective news,” and the other that experiences these announcements as propaganda, with its ever-present shadow censorship. Appreciating this, we then question which of these two qualities of mind are our corporate and government controlled institutions creating and why? Like laying tracks for the railroad, what we are experiencing today is prologue, creating the precedent and infrastructure for tomorrow. You and I, nor anyone of us, are participating in what that future will be - except - by allowing it to happen, and that depends on which quality of mind we have.

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On May 10, 1773, a group of rebels, what we now call patriots, some dressed as Native Americans, pushed back against the government and destroyed a shipment of tea sent by the East India Company. The government did not shut down the colonies, impose mass quarantines, force every man, woman and child to wear a mask, stand on one foot and rub their tummies, wear full body condoms and goggles when enjoying sex, or were the colonies encouraged by their government officials to have sex online, whatever that means, ruin small businesses, plunge entire segments of the colonies into poverty, and more. They simply added a small tax to tea without the buyer’s consent. Imagine what those patriots would do confronted with today’s government mandates. At the very least, they would not pay the tax. They would refuse to wear the mask or accept the vaccine. Like Gandhi ending British rule, walking alongside Martin Luther King, Jr, if we simply say no, all of us, or at least many of us, the tax, the masks and mandated vaccines would disappear. Period. Just say no. That is where our true power lies.

Multiple ingredients and conditions create a perfect recipe. Think of this COVID event as a recipe. COVID is the yeast in batch of bread dough called social engendering, for our own good, of course. Or, think of obesity, chronic air pollution, toxic food, glyphosate and other cofactors being necessary ingredients. Without flower, sugar, eggs, butter, and liquid, yeast doesn’t do anything. Just like the acorn falling on Henny Penny, the monster virus is not really causing all the fuss. The fuss is in our minds, conditioned for decades to be superficial and passive, to not notice, to look only at the yeast, a well-crafted distraction hammered 24/7 by scripted and coordinated mass global propaganda masquerading as news.

How did this happen? Why now? The answer: It did not just happen. Various social structures have been laying the foundation for decades, beginning with fuzzy thinking, superficial, distracted, increasingly confused and passive populations.

Endangered Minds
Why Children Don’t Think, and what we can do about it, by Jane Healy, 1990

To reflect and persist in solving problems, with today’s event representing a big problem, minds must be trained to use language. What happens to the critical capacity of mind if this training is intentionally dumbed down, and who benefits?

In the 1970s, reading scores in American schools took a dive… Students’ related problems in reading and expressing ideas in writing stem mainly from difficulty with verbal reasoning. So drastic was the decline in reading performance for nine to seventeen year olds, that the NAEP report was delayed for five months to reexamine the data. Officials planed on releasing the results in 1971, but these plans were canceled because no one wanted to believe the results. The 1986 NAEP report: “Reading instruction at all levels must be restructured to ensure that students learn to reason more effectively about what they read.”

Increasing numbers of children are aliterate. They can sound our words and read headlines, but don’t want to. Eighty percent of books are read by 10% of the population. 50% of a typical group of fifth graders read an average of four minutes or less per day outside of school. 30% read two minutes or less. 10% read nothing. The same group watched an average of 130 minutes of television each day.

Referring to tests; “We don’t ask if students can synthesize information, solve problems and think independently.” There has been a major dumbing down of reading tests since the 1960s… Our children are taking tests drastically more simple than those of two decades ago (1940-1950). I often think back to the mid seventies, when I was principal of a primary school and we switched to the new, updated form of the nationally normed achievement test. Every child’s scores magically improved because the new standards were so much easier… What a wonderful discovery! If scores continue to decline – just change the tests [today known as tobacco or pseudoscience, a common practice in all levels of corporate government, including the CDC, FDA, WHO].

Because administrators tend to shun tests that make their children look stupid, and themselves incompetent, publishers are naturally pressured to produce tests to make kids look good… A new “Advanced” test, designed for ninth graders and published in 1986… was dramatically easier than what forth graders were expected to read in 1964.

Note; the same adjustment in definitions has been systematically applied to the entire COVID event, with similar results. Old dog, new tricks.

The expanded mental and human perspectives gained from reading may be a particular imperative for a generation destined to live and provide leadership in a technological culture. Do we want policy makers who are untroubled by the weighted realities of history [ecology or global warming] because they have never read, or reflected, about them? Or business leaders who never heard of the likes of Babbitt? Or voters who never peeked around the corner of their own thinking.

Babbitt, awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1930 by Sinclair Lewis, is a satirical novel about American culture and society that critiques the vacuity of middle class life and the social pressure toward conformity (superficial conformity being a major theme of this essay).

We are rearing a generation of “different brains.” Many students’ faltering academic skills, at every socioeconomic level, reflect subtle but significant changes in their physical foundations for learning. These fundamental shifts put children in direct conflict with traditional academic standards… Particularly at risk are the abilities for language-related learning (e.g., reading, writing, analytic reasoning, oral expression), sustained attention, and problem solving.

Who are these children today that Jane described in 1990, and what level of mental rigor, or its lack, is contributing to the superficial, passive and complicit public response to government mandates?

Dumbing Us Down, by Design

It was also in 1990 that John Taylor Gatto, having been voted the teacher of the year in New York City and the state of New York, retired. Doing so, he posted an op-ed in the New York Times, Dumbing Us Down, a phrase that stuck ever since. “I was so furious that I’d spent my life hurting children. That anger, quite hot, lasted ten years. I’m still not un-angry.” In that essay, and several books that followed, John documented and apologized for the harm caused so many children, participating in a system that was designed to do just that, dumb us down, a bold and striking parallel to Jane Healy’s experience, though Jane did not imply systemic, premeditated and willful intent, something John spent the rest of his life documenting.

“At the start of World War II, millions of men showed up at registration offices to take low-level academic tests before being inducted… 96% were judged to have the minimum competence in reading to be a soldier.

The war ended in 1945 and six years later the Korean war began and several million more were tested. The literacy rate had mysteriously dropped to 81%. This group had more school years, with more professionally trained teachers, and more scientifically selected text books than the World War II men. A new American war began in Vietnam in the middle 1960s. By its end in 1973 the illiteracy rate was 27 percent.

By 1940, literacy as a national number stood at 96 percent for whites and 80 percent for blacks. Four of five blacks were literate in spite of disadvantages. Yet, six decades later, The Adult Literacy Survey and National Assessment of Educational Progress, reported a 40 percent illiteracy rate for blacks – doubling the earlier deficiency – and 17 percent for whites, more than doubling it. Yet, the money spent on schooling in real terms had increased 350 percent.

Weapons of Mass Instruction

In all his works John reveals that Form is Content, The Medium is the Message. The form that defines an experience represents a deep form of conditioning, a hidden agenda masked by what we perceive as content, the program or curriculum. As john notes; “Jerry Mander is one of my heroes. Television and schooling do exactly the same thing in slightly different ways.” With television it is the way the brain interacts with the device that is the numbing conditioning, like a hypnotic trance. What is a hypnotic trance?  A suspension of critical thinking and hyper suggestibility. Nice, if you an advertiser or social engineer. In the structure called schooling, the bells, rows of chairs, wasted time, repetition, the grades, constant comparison, obedience of authority, all these, and more are designed with similar intent. Once the structure is in place, the hidden agenda is forgotten. Today, there are a number of these structures at play, all filled with similar tacit assumptions. No conspiracy needed.

The architects of institutional schooling were completely aware of this. I’ve encountered intriguing passages that state openly that habit and attitude training is imposed by the structure; to make people predictable, conformity, obedience to authority training. This is what mass schooling is really all about.

In 1820 we have Darwin saying that people are biologically fixed in classes and there is nothing you can do about it. From Calvin to Spinoza, Johann Fichte in Northern Germany, who called for a national system of training that would make it impossible for underlings to imagine any other way of doing things, to the founders of compulsory schooling in America, every one of these people, in a sense, is saying that what we call ‘education’ isn’t even possible. They are saying that what we call education is romantic nonsense.

It comes from the great intellectuals of human history, an unbroken stream of them. Darwin said we are insane to invest people with inferior IQ’s with positions of responsibility. We are not talking about fringe intellectual positions. This was the dominate map for how to run society in the 19th century. Once you know this – you view the form and content of public education differently. All the romantic stuff for middle class, lower middle class, is for boobs. This is the [elite] leadership point of view.

The development of the critical mind is strictly forbidden in school. You’re not allowed to learn how to think critically, period.

Note: David Bohm described thought as a mechanical set of mostly automatic reflexes, noting that there is no real intelligence in a reflex. Accessing true intelligence, what John is referring to as a critical mind, demands a quality of energy and attention, a state or order of awareness that is not mechanical or reflexive. The conditioning called compulsory schooling and our addiction to media prevent this quality of attention. The strength of propaganda and advertising depends on its absence.

School is such a devaluation of human experience and human hopes that it took a long time to pull it off. Who designed it? By working seven days a week, sixteen hours a day, with nothing other on my mind, I stumbled across sources, by following the money. For example, in 1915 there was a Congressional Commission called the Walsh Committee that tried to answer the question. In 1959 there was a second Congressional Committee called the Reese Commission. They discovered that the management of forced institutional schooling was coming from the offices of a dozen or so private corporate foundations. Key families put up the money to underwrite this. The idea is; a utopian society is a worthy goal, especially if you have a lot of money, and the bedrock of a utopian society is absolute social order [absolute social control].

To get that you have to cash in your liberty, your individuality and your freedom to get that stable social order. Since people won’t willingly do that, all the insights of crowd management that have accumulated throughout human history are now being put into play in the form of social structures, [COVID being a perfect example].

Interview with John Taylor Gatto, with Michael Mendizza

Instantaneous global media hosting and controlling expertly crafted propaganda and its twin censorship.

Recall; “television [now including various social media platforms, opinion masquerading as journalism and artificial intelligence, machine learning] and schooling do exactly the same thing in slightly different ways.” Dumb us down. And the dumber we get, believing we are smart, coupled with evermore powerful technology, is suicidal.

The global human brain is now connected by a counterfeit form of internal image and concept making we carry in our pocket or purse all day, every day. The information, images and concepts that appear on these devices infect our mind, body and consciousness by mimicking the thoughts, beliefs and values that coalesce as culture and our personal identity, our images of self and other. Control the content of these mobile ‘thought machines,’ and you control the thoughts and behaviors of that global brain, my brain and yours.

Being dumbed down, we think that we are watching the news and being objectively informed. The reality is just the opposite. The device is a parasite, sucking what little true intelligence we have out and replacing it with a manufactured consent, paraphrasing Noam Chomsky. The result, just like compulsory schooling, is fuzzy thinking, superficial, distracted attention, increasingly confused, narrow, polarized and passive populations. The events unfolding today are not possible without this instantaneous and intimate thought generating and controlling technology.

The classic and seminal description of how this thought and behavior controlling influence works, and more to the point, its inevitable impact on the forms of government we will have, is the theme of my interview with Jerry Mander, author of The Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television. I have shared Jerry’s observations before. I do again because of the powerful overlay of his and John’s revealing and revolutionary positions, form is content.

Working in advertising allowed me to understand how easy that was to move information into people’s consciousness, if you had enough money and understood the media. It was easy to change public consciousness. At first this was fun and amusing. After a while I was horrified by it. Actually most people in advertising are horrified by it. There’s this feeling that it is wrong to use the incredible power of advertising to permanently implant images in people’s brains, images that cause behavior which might not otherwise happen - for trivial and eventually harmful purposes. That set of perceptions was gnawing at me when I was in advertising. I didn’t like the kind of person I had become. It was harming me. I didn’t want to live my life strictly for commercial purposes.

Billions of dollars are spent every year to encourage people to live a certain way and all the ads are identical. The average viewer gets 22,000 of these powerful messages each year on television. 22,000 messages telling you that you are not adequate and that the only thing that will satisfy your inadequacy is a product [vaccines].

The environmental argument is based on how we have moved our consciousness inside artificial forms - from the natural world to that of a mediated reality. Television has a major role to play in the mediation of consciousness, the mediation of reality.

The political argument explores how the use of advertising and television benefits some people more than other people. Advertising and television provide extremely powerful tools to unify consciousness, tools which are more immediate, direct and faster than anything that ever proceeded it.

The third argument describes how television affects people. What it does to kids. What it does to the way we understand ourselves. What it does to thinking. What it does to our psychology.

The fourth argument explores how television threatens democracy. Television accepts certain kinds of information while rejecting others. Conversations like this would be boring on television and yet violence, sex and sports work well. The medium has a built in bias.

Replacement of Experience

America had become the first culture to substitute secondary mediated versions of experience for direct experience of the world. Interpretations and representations of the world were being accepted, as experience, and the differences between the two were obscure for most of us...

People's patterns of discernment, discrimination and understanding were taking a dive. They didn't seem able to make distinctions between information which was preprocessed and filtered through a machine, and that which came to them whole, by actual experience...

If people believed that an image of nature was equal to or even similar to the experience of nature, and were therefore satisfied enough with the image that they didn't seek out the real experience, then nature was in a lot bigger trouble than anyone realized.

Television exploits a genetic fight-flight tendency in human beings. When living in pre-industrial environments we had to be aware of changes in the environment to survive. Television comes along and presents images which trigger the same survival response. If something violent is happening on television, we react. We may be intellectually aware that the violence is not “real” but our emotions don’t discriminate. They react. It is part of our survival reflex and advertisers and programmers exploit this tendency as much as possible [a technique used every day by the architects of the COVID event.]

To exploit means to use something to one’s advantage or to take advantage of another’s weakness. Advertisers, and the corporations they serve, are extremely sophisticated in exploiting television in this way, especially when it comes to children.

The Illusion of Neutral Technology

Far from being "neutral," television itself predetermines who shall use it, how they will use it, what effects it will have, on individual lives, and if it continues to be widely used, what sorts of political forms will inevitably emerge.

Sensory Deprivation

Our environment itself is the manifestation of the mental processes of other humans. Of all the species of the planet, and all the cultures of the human species, we twentieth century Americans have become the first in history to live predominately inside the projections of our own minds.

We already have a generation of people who don’t know that there was ever a world without a television. They can’t imagine what life would have been like without television. Look how we have moved through the technological age and how it has established a new reality, which has no relationship to the intrinsic values of nature. This is tremendously tragic and the main reason I wrote the book.

They won’t remember the experiences, thoughts and feelings, which happen outside of television’s mediated reality. They won’t care about it, which of course will doom us.

I think that’s already happened in our country and it is spreading, along with television and computers, throughout the world. Emotional concern for nature is way down, even though more and more people are going to parks, which I call nature zoos They go and observe it as if they were going to the zoo. Relatively few people experience real wilderness or have the feelings and perceptions which nature brings. That’s very, very serious.

It is through intimate human relationships that a basic sense of trust and empathy enfold. That connection is broken when you split the mother from the baby. Trust isn’t there. The child grows more and more defensive, self-centered, isolated, which the altered reality created by television and computers intensify. If you can’t trust or feel empathy for mom and dad, family and community, how are we ever going to address the mounting ecological challenges?

Corporations as Machines

In technological societies, the structure of all human life and its systems of organizations reflect the logic of the machine... The corporation is not subject to human control as most people believe; rather, it is an autonomous technical structure that behaves by a system of logic uniquely well suited to its primary function: to give birth and impetus to profitable new technological forms, and to spread techno-logic around the globe...

Seeing corporate behavior as rooted in the people who work within them is like believing that the problems of television are attributed solely to its programming. With corporations, as with television, the basic problems are actually structural. They are problems inherent in the forms and rules by which these entities are compelled to operate... Form determines content. Corporations are machines...

Not being human, not having feelings, corporations do not have morals or altruistic goals. All acts are in service to profit, including apparent altruism, which is measured against possible public relations benefits. Corporate law requires that corporations be structured into classes of superiors and subordinates. Subjective or spiritual values which cannot be translated into bottom-line numbers are not represented in corporate decision making. Corporations make a conscious effort to depersonalize.

Corporations are not committed to local community or its environment. Corporate societies are intrinsically committed to intervening in, altering and transforming nature. It is inherent in corporate activity that they seek to drive consciousness in one-dimensional channels. To ask corporations to behave otherwise is like asking an army to adopt pacifism. Form is content.

The focus of my second book was the role technology plays in separating people from other sources of awareness and knowledge, aside from television. We talk about how computers serve a similar function. We describe how the current corporate structure is a technology. We talk about biotechnology redesigning the genetic structure of life, robotics eliminating the need for people. Through these examples the autonomous nature of technology is revealed. All that is compared with native people, to whom this hasn’t fully happened, people who have a relationship to a source, which we have lost - a relationship to the earth and to the spiritual guidance implicit in nature. And we describe how corporations, advertising and mass media are destroying these people and their precious relationship to the earth.

The Orwellian vision was extremely repressive. Today we have the illusion of choice and control. The artificial environments of the Orwellian system are, however, very much like what we have now. People who were not willing to go along with the system, or see through it, were hunted down, which is what is taking place with many of our native cultures.

Drugs and pleasure replaced repression in Huxley’s system. That’s much closer to what we have now. People participate in the creation of the systems that are doing them in. People vote against themselves. They participate in systems that are destroying nature, destroying their own lives because they’re not aware of it.

Huxley had soma, we have television and computers. We are brainwashed by these technologies into thinking that they are beneficial to us. In the Huxley system, those who couldn’t be made to conform were shipped away to islands. The indigenous people today occupy that role, except we’re not leaving them alone. We are aggressively trying to destroy them and their systems. A lot of the elements of the Huxley vision are clearly operational today.

See: Testing the Most Effective Method to Manipulate Minds

Yale University is studying the effectiveness of various messages to ensure maximum vaccine acceptance and use.


Jerry and John are looking through the same ‘form is content’ lens, which is fundamentally different than looking at content, curriculum or media-programing. Both views, content and the implicit conditioning that form implies, are paradigms, reality forming and organizing forces. To the dumbed down mind, COVID is a predator bug. To the less dumbed down state, COVID is a corporate logo, a slogan or brand for a social engineering that uses the story that COVID is a predator bug as a media campaign to achieve a corporate-predator Bio-Tech agenda, masquerading as public health. Paradigms create reality, the world is flat or the world is round. Once taken root it is extremely difficult for one paradigm to yield to another, which is implicit in the propaganda wars engulfing the world. The stakes are very high, higher than ever before, which is why our being dumbed down mentally is a decisive factor. This is war and we are the target.

Advancing technology able to chip, monitor, tack and therefore control every device, transaction and person on the plant.

The third leg of our unique triad of forces, that together make what is happening today possible, is advancing technology.

In technological societies, the structure of all human life and its systems of organizations reflect the logic of the machine. Look how we have moved through the technological age and how it has established a new reality, which has no relationship to the intrinsic values of nature. The corporation [and cooperate controlled government] is not subject to human control as most people believe; rather, it is an autonomous technical structure that behaves by a system of logic uniquely well suited to its primary function: to give birth and impetus to profitable new technological forms, and to spread techno-logic around the globe...

The word for governance based on techno-logic is Technocracy. Complete control through automated social engendering is the goal.

See: The Pressing Dangers of Technocracy


Technocracy is an economic system originated in 1930s during the height of the Great Depression, when scientists and engineers got together to solve the nation’s economic problems. Technocracy calls for the total dismantling of our political system, which includes the U.S. Constitution. Nations are to be led by unelected leaders who decide which resources companies can use to make certain products, and which products consumers are ultimately allowed to buy. In the United States the Trilateral Commission has been the leading advocate for the ideology and has dominated the American political system since Jimmy Carter. Technocracy and Bio-Tech as social engineering forces emanate from the same ideology.

The mythic battle between the Death Star, technocracy, and The Force, nature’s vast intelligence, with its rebel Jedi, is the underlying theme of George Lucas’ epic, Star Wars. By analogy we can substitute Germ Theory for machine logic and Terrain Theory for nature. The technocrat agenda focuses on the terrorist germ, in an endless technological war using machines for profit against nature. “Vaccines are our only hope, Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

Implicit in this Technocratic/Bio-Tech paradigm, nature is broken. Salvation is only possible through technology. The bug is everything. The terrain, meaning the state of the body, its chronic lack of health, toxic food and environmental poisons, lack of wellness, and therefore exhausted immune capacity is irrelevant. No need to consider obesity, air pollution, chronic asthma and EMF poisoning. Pay the fee and roll up you sleeve, again and again, forever. That is the business model.

From the nature-terrain point of view or paradigm, the virus is simply a messenger, a catalyst, similar to an allergic stimulus eliciting a response - from nothing to sever, depending on the health, or compromised state of the terrain. From this view, it is the terrain that defines the reaction. Many people get hay fever in the spring. Does this mean that pollen is contagious?  The alleged terrorist, in this case pollen, is not contagious or the cause of hay fever. There is something in the terrain that is triggering a hyper response to pollen. Treating pollen as the cause and highly contagious for profit is fraud.

Mainstream Bio-Tech propaganda promotes the view that this novel COVID invader is especially vicious, ignoring that the general health of the terrain is more compromised, weaker than ever. 54% of American children have chronic health conditions as do 60% of American adults. In China obesity, with its related conditions, is 7%. In the United States it is 40%, with 82% of American adults being metabolically compromised. Is the alleged predator more dangerous or is the terrain chronically weaker? The answer depends on your paradigm. To vaccine manufactures, this question is irrelevant. The business model is; treat everyone as sick, for profit and social control, which is false, fraudulent, a crime against humanity. That this assumption, we must treat everyone as sick, and vaccinate without informed consent, unleashes global side effects that are far more injurious than the remedy which is itself not safe; unemployment, isolation, depression, suicides, an increase in addictive behaviors, domestic violence, and child abuse, deepening and sustained poverty for millions, and more, doesn’t matter. Machines and people who act like machines are amoral.

Flying in the bowels of the Death Star, Luke, the young Jedi, hears the voice of his mentor, ‘turn off the computer and use the force.’ The Force, being the infinite creative forces of nature that in humans express as the capacity for empathy, connection, compassion, altruism, childlike wonder, insight and creative play, are all qualities that do not exist in machines. In the original Star Wars story computers, droids, robots, and humans that act like them, have no contact with The Force. And here we have the heart of the mythic conflicts unfolding today. Arrogant machine learning (human intellect and artificial Intelligence) declaring that nature is broken and fighting to control those who are not completely dumbed down, and rebel forces that are deepening their connection and identification with nature. Myths are mythic because they reflect timeless themes of hope and tragic consequences. Today Darth Vader and his pal Victor Frankenstein are playing at the top of their game.

On March 26, 2020, Microsoft applied for an International Patent with WIPO - a patent for a body-interfaced cryptocurrency, using an implanted microchip connected to a cloud computer system, which also just happens to collect "biometric data" - your DNA sequence, blood, electrical synapse activity, etc., etc., etc. Complacence with Technocracies’ social engineering mandates is monitored by sensors implanted in the body and linked to cashless, digital currency. Obey and you are paid. Resist and your account is automatically debited. No cop, no ticket, no court, no appeal. You and every other chipped human being are essentially slaves.

The WIPO Patent Application Number: 060606.
Int. Class G06Q 20/06(link is external) Appl. No PCT/US2019/038084Applicant MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY LICENSING, LLC Inventor ABRAMSON, Dustin

Human body activity associated with a task provided to a user may be used in a mining process of a cryptocurrency system. A server may provide a task to a device of a user which is communicatively coupled to the server. A sensor communicatively coupled to or comprised in the device of the user may sense body activity of the user. Body activity data may be generated based on the sensed body activity of the user. The cryptocurrency system communicatively coupled to the device of the user may verify if the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system, and award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified.

Similar implanted devices using the same automated compliance logic will depopulate the globe.

Bill Gates Still Pouring MILLIONS in to ‘Remote Control’ Contraceptive Human Microchip

April 20, 2020 Baxter Dmitry News, US 6 Comments

Bill Gates is funding the development of a contraceptive microchip that will control women’s fertility wirelessly, via remote control.

While the idea may be reminiscent of something out of a disturbing sci-fi movie, the technology is currently in development, with Bill Gates pouring millions of dollars into the project. If Gates has his way, the day when women are implanted with the hormone-emitting human microchip is not far away. It’s been six years now since the Microsoft founder, a vocal proponent of population control, announced plans for the development of a human microchip designed to control women’s fertility.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is launching thousands of 5G and 6G satellites to enable Neuralink, his integrated brain-machine interface with thousands of channels. Sensors are implanted in the brain by robots and monitored by a Wi-Fi device worn behind the ear, like a hearing aid. In order for each human being and all of humanity to be monitored and controlled remotely, by machine learning algorithms, you need the 5G and 6G wireless infrastructure. Technocracy is social engendering; demanding automated and absolute control of the world’s populations from the inside out. Today is a dress rehearsal for tomorrow. The political response to the alleged pandemic is building the infrastructure of compliance for that future. Begin with the end in mind.

Trust nature. Stay human. Just say no.


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