I have always considered myself a Democrat.
Just yesterday I watched an interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., where he described how the Democratic National Committee is trying to bring back the days of insider crony politics. But now wecan do something about it! Bobby is circulating a petition link to pressure the DNC into running a fair and free primary election.

The DNC is desperately creating dirty tricks to keep RFK, Jr. off the presidential primary ballot. Of course, many of us know this is not new with the Democratic National Committee. They are a top-down party and do not operate democratically. Recall what the DNC did to Bennie Sanders.

Whether or not you are in favor of Bobby Kennedy, I hope you will be in favor of a grassroots primary campaign, as our democratic system intends. Please take a minute to sign the petition!

We urge you to sign the petition and share it with friends – whether or not you are a Democrat, and whether or not they support Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Why? Because an undemocratic primary is bad for democracy.

Michael Mendizza

The modern primary system of choosing a presidential nominee developed to replace shady backroom deals among party insiders with a transparent, democratic process.

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Here are some of the things the DNC is doing to rig the primary:

  • The DNC has revoked New Hampshire’s century-old status as the first primary state. The new first state is South Carolina — which President Biden won, in contrast to losing New Hampshire and Iowa.
  • The DNC has drafted rules that if any candidate sets foot in New Hampshire, no votes cast for that candidate will count. Regardless of his margin of victory, Mr. Kennedy would receive zero delegates. The DNC is also demanding Iowa change its voting process or face similar sanctions. 
  • The Georgia state Democratic organization has a rule allowing a candidate who campaigns in New Hampshire to be booted from the ballot in Georgia.
  • Ten states have failed to meet the DNC’s own rules for delegate selection. In some cases, they have not even announced a primary at all or made the necessary petition forms available. 
  • The DNC has created a special class of superdelegates called PLEOs. Only Democratic Party officials and elected officials are eligible. Since none of these will dare provoke the wrath of the DNC, Mr. Kennedy won’t receive any of them. That means he could lose the nomination even if he wins 70% of the vote.

The DNC is just getting started. There is no telling what else they’ll cook up behind closed doors to throw the election toward their anointed candidate, President Biden. 

Don’t let them get away with it. Sign the petition today and share it with anyone you know who cares about democracy.

And please, donate to our campaign. Because one way or another, we aren’t going to let the DNC stop RFK, Jr. from reaching the White House.

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