Early in the exploding firestorm called COVID, I chanced to connect with Thomas S. Cowan, MD. Responding to something I wrote, Tom replied, “Once you are suckered by the numbers you’re lost.” Nothing comes as close to summarizing the essence of this coordinated global event as - suckered by the numbers.

Like the Greek Hydra, COVID has many heads; social, public health, political, economic, corporate interests, global communications, science, research, biotechnology, verifiable facts, conspiracy theories, educational impact, small business failures, psychological consequences; anxiety, depression, suicide, expanding poverty, and many more. And each of these facets involves ‘the numbers.’ And the numbers are all based on a theory called infectious-contagion.

Tom’s insight goes deep, to the very heart from which all of Hydra’s heads emerge. Tom and his colleague, Sally Fallon Morell’s (Founder of the Weston Price Foundation), new book The Contagion Myth, why viruses, including coronavirus, are not the cause of disease, challenge the very foundation of COVID, as a cause and implicitly challenging equally all the proposed preventions and treatments, that illnesses are passed from one person to another.

“Everyone knows microbes and viruses are contagious, so it must be true.” But is it true? Is contagion proven? And more importantly; what if infectious contagion is false? What then?

Humanity believed the world is flat, that the sun circled the earth. Early in the 20th century leading physicists believed there was nothing more to discover. They were wrong. As Tom states in his introduction;

“I expect that the current “pandemic” we are living through will be a profound turning point in the history of humanity, (for better or worse). It is my hope that out of this event, a new way of life will emerge in a world free from poisoned foods, poisoned water, [implicitly poisoned vaccines], and the poisonous and false germ theory.”


Are “germs” the cause of infection-contagion or are bacteria, fungi, and others microbes, nature’s way of cleaning up and transforming poisoned, damaged, or dead debris in our cells, as we think of termites with fallen or diseased trees, or bacteria and other microbes that eat oil spills? Friend or foe depends on our theory.



Do we see an old woman or lovely young lady, germ theory, or terrain? Upon this flip or flop everything rest, and for this reason, The Contagion Myth is self and world-changing.

I have spent the past forty years savoring the insight of David Bohm, J. Krishnamurti, Joseph Chilton Pearce, and others. In 1929 Krishnamurti observed, ‘Truth is a pathless land,’ and with this simple observation he ripped apart the foundations of organized religions and spiritual paths, not unlike Galileo when he observed the earth rotates around the sun.

Tom and Sally have been living, speaking, and writing about a different self and world-changing view for decades. Today, COVID has the potential of shaking the prevailing dogma and opening the doors of perception to a radically different perception and understanding of health, disease, and wellness. For those who have eyes, The Contagion Myth will change their lives as swiftly and irrevocably as a guillotine removes the many heads of Hydra where blinding dogma abides.

Please watch the first of five interview segments I recently recorded with Tom. The others will follow.

Michael Mendizza