We think that what we think is what we think. But Wait! We invented very, very few of the thoughts, ideas and beliefs that define our lives and our behaviors. Most we catch, like a cold or the flue, from others and the environment and the internet is the global environment. Control what is experienced on the net and those influences shape our lives, all of our lives, our choices, what we do, our very consciousness. Big Data knows this, always has. Below is a look into the future of Big Data and how personal profiling, the data points collected with each ‘click’, take on a life of their own – and whose watching.

Watch Google’s The Selfish Ledger (leaked internal video)


In just the last few weeks...

  • Facebook turned off Mike Adam's 3-million-member Natural News Facebook page.
  • An email service called MailChimp shut down the 300,000 person mailing list of the GreenMedInfo.com web site
  • Mercola has had all its websites, among the most popular and useful websites on the Internet, de-listed by Google so no one can find its pages in through search
  • Similar censorship is taking place in non-corporate internet based investigative news sites.

Alternative views are being systematically erased from the Internet. The links below are two reports:

  • The first is a well-researched and well documented report by Dr. Joseph Mercola.
  • The second is a draft I wrote a year ago that foreshadowed what is taking place today.

Together they create porthole or lens that allows us to grasp the powerful forces that are shaping our lives and, most certainly, the lives of our children. Both are packed. Best to print the PDF.

Years ago the term Media Literacy was used to define ways of circumventing the harm and damage done by commercial media, which is implicitly exploitative. Today the exploitation runs much deeper. Propaganda and its shadow censorship is shaping global consciousness. We all need to be Internet-Literate. Here’s why. 

Michael Mendizza

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