The essay on my BLOG, titled Sarah Palin Stokes The Fire Of The U.S. Culture of Violence describes how the dimension of Political Conservatism becomes aligned with Violence and Political Liberalism with Non-Violence. and at

Paul Krugman has noted that there are Two Public Moralities, which reflect the Two Americas that have existed since the days of our Founding Fathers.

These Two Public Moralities are rooted in the Pain and Pleasure experiences

that form the biopsychological forces that have polarized humanity ever since the beginning of the evolution of Homo sapiens. It was Pythagoras (c.582-c.507 B.C.) who provided the sex gender equivalents of Morality: maleness with goodness; and femaleness with evil:

“There is a good principle which has created order, light and man; and a bad principle which has created chaos, darkness and woman.”[Quoted in Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex, 2010/1953]. Women have been equated with evil in this formulation of good and evil, which has cast a violent cloud upon humanity over the past several millennia (Prescott, 1995).

How culture answers the question: “What is the morality of pain and pleasure in human relationships” determines the life path of Peace or Violence that will be followed. Pain and Pleasure are in reciprocal inhibitory relationship with one another and provide the biological substrate for the polarization of humanity.

These relationships are discussed in my BLOG, particularly how the Approval of Violence and the Rejection of Pleasure in Human Relationships define Political Conservatism. 

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James W. Prescott, Ph.D.
Institute of Humanistic Science