Responding to Touch the Future and National Institute for PLAY’s important PLAY SCIENCE DVD:

Creative play is the foundation for social-political freedom and liberty which is not possible when abnormal brain development is induces by a failure of affectional bonding in the maternal-infant –child relationship.

Depression, stereotypical rocking behaviors and compulsive stimulus-seeking behaviors, all produced by sensory deprivation to the developing brain

that is induced by failed maternal-infant/child affectional bonding, robs the developing offspring of the capacity to engage in touching and body movement that is essential for creative/spontaneous play; and to later development of behaviors associated with personal freedom and liberty.

Violence, particularly child abuse, is another destructive consequence of these early life experiences that prevents the development of creative/spontaneous play, which is the foundation for social-political freedom and liberty.

Figure 1, a photo montage, illustrates the pathological emotional behaviors induced by early
deprivation of physical affection. Figure

2 illustrates the avoidance of physical contact with other animals and humans in mother-deprived monkeys; and positive affectional behaviors in monkeys reared with their mothers.

Table 1 presents how our Two Cultural Brains are formed by Pain and Pleasure, which determines the kind of Culture we become.

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