Not Wanted Dead or Alive

And here is why.

If Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is on the ballot next November, he will win the presidential election by a greater majority than any candidate in recent history.

The DNC and insider crony politics

I have always considered myself a Democrat.
Just yesterday I watched an interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., where he described how the Democratic National Committee is trying to bring back the days of insider crony politics. But now wecan do something about it! Bobby is circulating a petition link to pressure the DNC into running a fair and free primary election.

The DNC is desperately creating dirty tricks to keep RFK, Jr. off the presidential primary ballot. Of course, many of us know this is not new with the Democratic National Committee. They are a top-down party and do not operate democratically. Recall what the DNC did to Bennie Sanders.

Whether or not you are in favor of Bobby Kennedy, I hope you will be in favor of a grassroots primary campaign, as our democratic system intends. Please take a minute to sign the petition!

We urge you to sign the petition and share it with friends – whether or not you are a Democrat, and whether or not they support Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Why? Because an undemocratic primary is bad for democracy.

Michael Mendizza

9/11 Remember With Clear Eyes

Dear Activists, Researchers, and Friends,

Madhava Setty is one of my favorite Covid and Covid vaccine researchers.  He has also been savvy to the 9/11 false flag. He is an excellent writer and gets his facts straight on both issues.
Note that at the end of this article, he has a link to his original article from September 11, 2019.


Fran Shure

It is astonishing what they will do and how gullible the public is.


Masks are Child Abuse

Do Not Comply

On planes and trains and children


Do Not Comply

On planes and trains and children


Do Not Comply

On planes and trains and children


Don't Comply
On planes and trains and on children

Robert W. Malone, MD MS

Do Not Comply

By now, we probably have all heard about the Silver Spring Maryland elementary school that has put N95 masks back on children attending the school, and the same school district says that this same protocol that requires masking for an unknown threshold of cases will be put in place for other schools in the district. It was a total of 3 nine year old children that tested positive. Now, we all know about the Cochrane meta analysis study that shows that even N95 masks have limited value and that N95 masks cause significant CO2 toxicity.

Putting N95s (or nay mask) on children fits the definition of child abuse.


No More Saviors

No one is going to save you. That is an absolute fact. You have had various gurus, from the first, second, third, fourth, centuries, down to the present, and where are you having been led? Wanting to be still led?

It is the responsibility of each individual to bring about their own transformation which is not dependent on knowledge or time… J. Krishnamurti


If we accept our social ego as real, how will we protect our children from intentional madness? Ever mindful of the model we are presenting to the next generation, I ask; is it possible to provide some immunity to self-induced deception?


More - We Change Them

Coincidently, this just in today. 
Fancy that.

I told you so... G. Orwell 1947

Mind-Reading Technology: Orwell Warned Us. Now It’s Here.

We Change Them

George ended his invisible whisper:

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