Tibet is the most refined repository of Buddhist teachings in the world. Rather than belief and faith Tibetan Buddhism rests on doubt, inquiry and offers a detailed exploration of conditioned and unconditioned ‘states’ of mind and consciousness.

Exploring Krishnamurti’s talks he described how mental images separate each of us from ‘what is’ and causes just about everyone to become conditioned, second hand human beings. The self as we know it is based on mental images. Because we don’t know who we really are, that is, understand our nature and essence beyond socially conditioned images, we are destroying ourselves and much the earth. And will continue to do so until we discover that we are not what we think we are.

This served as the basis for a series of conversations exploring the nature of consciousness, mental images, what we consider to be reality, the possibility that our concepts of reality are limited, as the visible spectrum is a limited fragment of the vast electromagnetic spectrum.

The link below accesses MP3 files of these conversations and a summary of the questions and issues we explored.

Not for everyone, but for those who are interested….

Michael Mendizza