Two dramatic expression of culture change
Joseph Chilton Pearce

I’ve talked to literally many thousands of teachers. The two things I’ve been getting; children are coming in year by year far less educable, less available to any kind of educational process. At the same time we have children of exceptional brightness, brighter than any children that old line teachers have every come across. The vast majority of our children being uneducable and this little group appearing who are intelligent beyond any level we have had.

Now this brings to mind, by the way, something we really should look at very quickly right here because we are talking about some rather negative things. In the past few years we’ve had two clear phenomena going on at the same time. Since I’ve talked to literally many thousands of teachers and had many workshops and groups for teachers and educational districts and so on, the two things I’ve been getting increasingly over the past few years, well first of all came the recognition by old line teachers that the students coming in year by year, into kindergarten, were far less educable, less available to any kind of educational process. It wasn’t the educational process was broken down, but that no educational process was going to fit these children on a rising level. More and more uneducable children every year and now we know it’s very critical. At the same time, starting about three or four years ago we had our first signs of children of exceptional brightness, brighter than any children that old line teachers have every come across. I heard this first of all from Principals and Superintendents of school districts where there was a very high elite kind of population of high managerial classes and so on. And now I’m beginning to hear it all over the country. Teachers who are saying their getting kids in, a minuscule little handful, who are off the graph in ability, brilliance, readiness, openness and so on, even as the percentage of the educable children is growing by leaps and bounds. So we have these two strange phenomena happening. The vast majority, how we’re moving toward the vast majority of our children being uneducable and this little group appearing who are intelligent beyond any level we have had. They’re off the graph. 

Now I’m going to stick my neck out and say two things here, first of all from what I’ve been able to find these children are coming from essentially close to middle age parents of a highly successful intelligent resourceful marriage situations, where they have not had children, all of the sudden they realize the gates are closing on that. Their time is running out and suddenly they’re filled with a passionate desire to have their own children. These children are brought into the world by highly mature people who have worked out their affective problems, who have relaxed all of their anxieties about the world. They have made it in the world. And who passionately want this child. So the child is born in to the world, even though they might be born in the worse hospital kind of a situation, all the rest of the factors compensate for it. But these are the women who are born birthing at home. These are the women who are taking charge of their life because they have taken charge of their life and succeeded with it. So the child is born into optimal nurturing, optimal situation all the way around, and in contrast with the rest of these poor damaged children they seem off the graph. They’re probably just the first normal children we’re seeing again. Wanted, loved, nurtured, given the right environment. So the saving remnant is appearing and from the most obvious and logical kind of a source. 

M:        Well, when the whole norm is shifted so low, we get back to normal.

J:          Yes, this point should be made, educated, skillful, new generation of upper level intellectual people. We’re introducing upper level intellectual people here on our level which has never been done before. Even at the same time it’s bought at the price of a huge percentage of the population who are in severe troubles. So, it’s not just that we’re coming back to the norm, there’s a possibility we’ll hear a new norm and move onto a new level. The other thing is that we should never think that this is because these people are in their upper thirties when this takes place, that that’s the answer. The 18 year old girl can provide exactly the same thing were she allowed maturation. Were she given the appropriate nurturing environment. As it is, this 35 or 36 year old woman who is making a highly successful mother and is taking charge of her life, she has had to work through all of the disasters befalling this 18 year old and the fact that she’s worked through it, that puts her into a position to be the appropriate mother. She should have, had she received the proper nurturing environment herself, she could have been at that state at 18 as easily. That is we’re not dealing with an age factor here. These are again social environmental factors that we’re dealing with. 

I remember back in the sixties when I dropped out of a college teaching and substitute since I had no teacher’s credentials and had never taken an educational course, some student in high school and I was really shocked to hear the teacher say to these girls, to try to stimulate them to do their homework and all, “Don’t you want to make something of yourself? What do you want to do, just get married and spawn children,” as though that were the pits, the bottom line of all failure. So the model for them constantly was just what you’re talking about and had been for quite a long while. The mother was the failure. There was nothing else she could do except to spawn children. Now the fact that this thing held up as the model, she’s had to work through all that, that strange new mythology. And the ones who succeed are then free of all of that and this fees them to go ahead and be what she could have been as easily at 16 for that matter. After all, nature provides that capacity very early and maturation was designed to be far earlier than it is. As I said adolescence is an arbitrary construct we’ve designed for unwanted laborers. There’s no place for them and adolescence gets longer and longer and longer every year. Now, it’s really running up into the twenties. The fulfillment that these women feel, the sense of fulfillment is of course enormous because now they have accomplished on both levels. I don’t think we should ever imply that a woman is not capable of doing all these things.  That would be a tragedy.  They’re showing on every hand that they can get it out there in the marketplace and run the corporations as well as anybody else. That’s a foregone conclusion. Again, the issue is do they really want to do that?  I think a lot of them are getting forced into that by the role models.