For thousands of years we have been trying to 'talk' ourselves out of violence--a neocortical exercise-when the problem resides in our (subcortical) emotional-social-sexual brain. The Origins of Love and Violence are encoded in that developing emotional-social-sexual brain very early in life, long before most realize.

Our so called thinking (neocortical) brain developed after and is profoundly influenced by what has been programmed into the subcortical brain. In the subcortical brain, for example, pleasure is a good which attracts; pain is bad and is avoided. This equation is reversed in the neocortical brain when pleasure is equated with evil, to be avoided; and pain, suffering and deprivation are a "good", supported by a neocortical belief in "salvation". Cultural and theistic value systems invert millions of years of psychobiological evolution resulting in a war between the body and the mind.
Modern therapeutic experiences fail to recognize this basic conflict. Manipulation of the neocortical symbolic brain does not address the basic needs of the emotional-social-sexual brain which is the primary source of our dysfunctions.

Prevention by providing the nurturing experiences the developing emotional-social-sexual brain must have is the key to personal and global peace.

James W. Prescott, PhD.

Need & Benefits

Affectionate touch, movement and play are as basic and vital to healthy development as vitamins, nutrition, sleep, exercise and language development.

Prevention involves everyone: mothers, fathers, pediatricians, nurses, childbirth educators, grandparents, pre-school educators, childcare providers, every teacher at every grade level, college and university professors, policy makers, coaches, therapists and councilors.

Emotional-social-sexual intelligence must be nurtured and developed with the same care, resources and steady dedication we now invest in reading, writing and mathematics. The sensory experiences of affectionate touch, movement, breast feeding and play are the nutrients that build a healthy emotional-social-sexual brain in the same way that vitamins, minerals, water, exercise and sunshine build a healthy body.

We all understand how sleep deprivation throws everything off, physically, emotionally and mentally. The same is true of affection-pleasure deprivation. The absence of pleasure, sensory deprivation, can be compared to chronic malnutrition or sleep deprivation. Deprive the early developing brain of the sensory experiences it needs and you stunt the development of that brain for life.

Jim's research balances the developmental equation by given equal attention, value and resources to emotional-social-sexual development as we now give to healthy bones and an agile mind. The care and nurturing of the emotional-social-sexual system is as basic necessary as sleep and good nutrition.

Everyone can understand, benefit from and apply the insights found in this comprehensive package. Everyone can add emotional-social-sexual development to their daily diet of physical and mental nutrition and

Prescott’s vast body of work makes abundantly clear emotion-social-sexual malnutrition looks like and how it retards human development lifelong.

Our goal is to awaken and develop critical appreciation and value for this grossly overlooked aspect of human development and to do so in the widest possible way.

Michael Mendizza