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Our Academy is a unique, dynamic, user lead platform that instantly filters and sorts hundreds of hours of in-depth personal interview focusing in on the themes and issues that are most important to you; pregnancy, birth, bonding, parenting, the origins of love and violence, athletics, optimum states of learning and performance, expanding human potential and amazing capacities and self-infected limitations.

The Academy is the home of the Joseph Chilton Pearce Library, over fifty hours of streaming audio and video spanning over twenty five years. The James W. Prescott Library, multiple interviews, documentaries and research publications on the impact of sensory deprivation and the developing brain. The Bev Bos Library, summarizing the best of one of the world’s most sought after and respected early childhood and parenting educator. The Keith Buzzell Library offering multiple interviews on the nature of the self-as-image and rich commentary on the teachings of Gurdjieff. And the Krishnamurti Library offering highlights of this world renowned teacher’s insights.

Plus eight developmental departments: The Awakening of Intelligence, Pregnancy, Birth and Bonding, Imagination and Play, Learning and Education, Critical and Creative Thinking, Adolescence and Beyond, Athletics and Wellness featuring Ashley Montagu Jean Leidloff author of the Continuum Concept, Physicist David Bohm, Bruce Lipton, Suzanne Arms, John Taylor Gatto, Marshall Rosenberg, Jerry Mander, Gabor Mate, MD. The list goes on and on.

Preview each program. Hover over insights for quick highlights of themes and content. Clicking an insight bring up an abstract, summary, transcripts and related links, plus the Play link.

New content will be added often. We have so much to share and finally The Academy opens our archive in the most user friendly and efficient manner possible.

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