Start Your Day with Bev Bos - Premium Series
Inspired wisdom, precious insight and personal stories. Up-close, like having tea with grandma.

A Premium Educational Experience for Early Childhood Professionals and Care Providers.

Over four hours, in short, inspiring, three-to-five minute daily segments, a forty-five-day personal experience, plus daily mediations, forum discussions and more.

Introduction to Bev Bos
Bev Bos was the Director and Teacher at the Roseville Community Preschool in Roseville, CA for over 40 years. She is the author of four books; Don’t Move the Muffin Tins, Before the Basics, Together We’re Better and Tumbling Over the Edge. Bev presented over 6,000 workshops around the country and internationally on topics in early childhood education, creative art, music and language, science for young children, helping children learn to socialize naturally and for adults, the conditions for growing wiser.

Description of this Premium Series

  • This series consist of a thirty-minute introduction; What Every Preschool Could Be followed by 43 three to five minute visits, one theme per day with for 43 days after which the series concludes.
  • The content represents the core insights Bev shared with early childhood educators and parents, in her living room, candid, personal, with passion and wit.
  • Each day a new theme will be presented to subscribers, complete with video, transcripts, summaries and daily meditations. Previous day's themes are available throughout the series.
  • The series concludes with a bonus thirty-minute interview, Play is Learning, with Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of numerous books including The Magic Child
  • The series is designed specifically for early childhood educators: preschool and head start practitioners and parents. The goal is to share Bev’s passion, renown depth and wisdom with a new generation of educators and care providers and of course parents in a format that meets todays needs and lifestyles.
  • Subscribers to the Bev Bos Premium Series includes a Full Academy Subscription for the duration of the series.

Price: $35 for the 45 day Series
After this 45 day series expires you can extended your access indefinitely by maintaining an Academy sustaining sponorship at any level (see sponsorship).


Joseph Chilton Pearce
Play is Learning (30 minutes)

Play is Learning is one of the best introductions to Joseph Chilton Pearce, one that embodies a number of fundamental themes: ages and stages of development, the model imperative, the difference between real learning and conditioning (the behavior modification and training we call schooling) and how authentic play represents nature’s design for optimum learning and performance, at any age, meeting any challenge.

This is a Premium Series and is not included in the Academy free access