Michael Mendizza Audio

The Next Frontier in Education
The change that must take place can't happen in children, in schools, institutions, on the internet or with computers. The next frontier in education is inspiring and empowering adults to be passionate, intelligent, aware, creative mentors, right here, right now. You are the next frontier in education.

Children, Adults & Sports
Traditional parenting, schooling and coaching styles handicap nearly every child lifelong; shackle them with a vulnerable self-image that must be maintained at all costs. Explore ways to free ourselves and our children from this handicap, forever. Discover how to work, play and live in the Zone for the rest of your life.

Playing by Heart
Fred Donaldson and Michael Mendizza explore a vision and practice of creative kindness and optimum learning. Fred describes the original state of play in which all learning and relationships are based. Michael describes how this foundation expands, transforming each age and stage of development. You will find it rich, unique and inspiring.

The Intelligence of Play
This lively exploration defines intelligence as an immediate and playful state of body and mind. True intelligence does not exist outside of the state we call play, nor does real science or artistic creativity. To meet and respond to the world in this creative, compassionate state is the essence of true intelligence.

Media & The Brain
The human brain has altered the environment. These changes are now cycling back and affecting how the brain develops. In this program we look at media, bonding, imagination and how culture is changing the brain.

Seven Ways to Optimize the Adult-Child Relationship
Athletes call their optimum state the Zone. Researchers call it Flow. Children call it Play. This program describes how this optimum state can be applied to parenting and to education. We offer seven principles to help adults rediscover the genius of their childhood and remain in this optimum state even during the most challenging moments.

Transcendent Mentoring of This And Future Generations
Intelligence is more a measure of the capacity to learn that what has been learned. We have entered a new age, one in which adults must become explosive learners right alongside the children they are mentoring. This program explores why adults must now become transcendent mentors.

Who Do We Think We Are
We create and then identify with the image we see in the mirror of our primary social relationships. This cultural image becomes the template for development lifelong. We develop those capacities that fit the image and repress those that do not. The full spectrum of human development is filtered by this image. In this challenging presentation Michael explores how this image is formed, it’s nature and quality, who it serves and what it means to be free of its constraints.