• Ashley Montagy

    Ashley Montagu offers a historical perspective of how hospital birthing practices are often insensitive and harmful to mothers and babies.

  • Marshall Klaus, MD

    Marshall Klaus describes his early research that lead to the term mother-infant bonding.

  • James W. Prescott, PhD

    James W. Prescott, PhD., introduces fifty years of research on the impact of sensory deprivation on brain and behavior development induced by mother-infant separation.

  • Joseph Chilton Pearce

    Joseph Chilton Pearce describes how birth impacts not only the mother and baby, but culture and society.

  • Bruce Lipton

    This vintage segment with biologist Bruce Lipton describes how being safe affects every cell of the body and how not being safe constricts development on every level.

  • Jean Leidloff

    Jean Leidloff in the best interview available describes elements of her classic book The Continuum Concept.

  • William Emerson

    William Emerson shares his experience dealing with birth trauma in adults.wi

  • Barbara Findeisen

    Barbara Findeisen compares very early traumas to a knot in a ball of yarn. As the individual grows the knot distorts the shape, distorts development.

  • Ina May Gaskin

    Ina May Gaskin on the importance of midwives in preserving the sanctity of birth and mother-infant bonding.

  • Jeannine Parviti Baker

    Jeannine shares how she asks her baby how he wants to be born and arranges herself that way. Once in arms she asks the baby how she wants to be held and arranges herself that way.

  • Suzanne Arms

    Suzanne Arms describes the challenges the natural birth movement has faced and continues to face.

  • Michel Odent, MD

    Michel Odent describes how changes in birth practices are altering individual human beings, the cultures they create and implicitly the future of the species.

  • David B. Chamberlain, PhD

    In this clear and passionate scene David describes the global implications of gentle birth. Don’t miss it.