• Introductory Interview

    Bev Bos has been the Director and Teacher at the Roseville Community Preschool in Roseville, CA for over 40 years. She is the author of four books; Don’t Move the Muffin Tins, Before the Basics, Together We’re Better and Tumbling Over the Edge. Bev lectures around the country and internationally on topics in her field of expertise -- early childhood education. Among them are creative art, music and language, science for young children, helping children learn to socialize in a natural way and for adults, the Conditions for Growing Wiser. She is sought after by Early Childhood Education groups, parents, teachers, childcare professionals and college classes.

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  • What Every Preschool Could Be

    In this delightful and moving program Bev Bos describes what makes the Roseville Community Preschool in Roseville, CA a place of wonder for children and for adults. Play based learning is the key for children. As for adults, the Roseville Community Preschool is a learning laboratory where parents discover by observing their children at play what real leaning is all about and how to facilitate it an any age or stage.

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  • The Best of Bev Bos

    My appreciation and respect for Bev Bos grows every time I experience her passion and insights. By quietly observing and facilitating the explosive curiosity, sensory sensitivity and exponential growth of young children for more than frothy years, it is no surprise. Bev Bos and Joseph Chilton Pearce, in my view, are the perfect balance of theory and hands on, both feet in the sand experience. In this candid, direct and very personal collection of insights we share a conversation in Bev’s home, up close and personal. Everyone is packed with practical wisdom and a deep caring for the needs of young children.

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