Cell Phone, Cell Tower, EMF Radiation and G5 Impact on Human and Planetary Health

In recent years’ thousands of independent studies have proven, leaving no doubt, that Microwave Radiation is injurious to the human body. The military uses microwave radiation as a weapon and has done so for decades. The CDC reported, then under pressure from industry, retracted its warning that heavy use of a personal cell phone (2.5 per month) had an approximately doubled risk of glioma, a life threatening and often-fatal brain tumor, after 10 years of use. The average use of a cell phone in the US in 2015 was 5.6 hours per day not 2.5 per month. Microwave radiation is known to cause permanent DNA damage, reduced sperm counts, sleep disorders, depressed immune systems and other abnormalities. Young children are especially vulnerable. Below are a collection of resources:

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