• Joseph Chilton Pearce Who Are We

    We are not what or who we think we are. This opens two fundamental questions: what is the nature of the false or limited images we have about ourselves and others and if we are not that, what or who are we? With these questions we begin one of our most personal interviews with Joseph Chilton Pearce. We begin by exploring the title for his first book; Crack in the Cosmic Egg. “The world we experience is the cosmic egg. The sum total of all this that makes up our livable world and gives us a place in which to be, I call it culture, or the cosmic egg.  The cosmic egg is in effect culture, culture being a virtual reality created by forcing us to comply with sets of behavior from the moment of birth on and modifying our own behavior and world view according to that of our culture around us.  This includes the world as we’ll ever know it so to escape this is not an easy thing.  It happens continually.  But the culture denies any experience that is not part of culture.” Our true development begins when we transcend the limitations imposed by culture and this implies discovering a new identity.