• The Awakening Of Intelligence

    Intelligence is far beyond and makes possible intellect. Most mistake intellect as intelligence. Joe helps us not make this mistake. By appreciating the difference we align ourselves with natures’ agenda for true development.

  • Pregnancy, Birth & Bonding

    The earlier the developmental stage the more sensitive and therefore critical. In this series Joe explores Pregnancy, Birth and Bonding, what nature expects and what intellectual interference has done to this miraculous process.

  • Imagination & Play

    It was Einstein who said that imagination was more important than knowledge.  He understood that our greatest discoveries and most profound works of art have come to us through imagination and play.  Far from being idle day dreaming, the fantasies of childhood, build the foundation for all higher learning. 

  • Learning & Education

    As every child grows they reach out to explore the world in new and expanding ways. What they learn gives meaning to life and changes how they feel about themselves. Here Joe looks at learning and what we call education in completely new ways.

  • Critical & Creative Thinking

    We hear a lot about self-esteem these days, but few have really give it much thought.  To have self-esteem we must be able to reach inside, see a new possibility and then allow that inner vision to act upon and change the world we live in.  This going within and developing the inner vision and skill to change the outer world, is perhaps the most important lesson we will ever learn.

  • Beyound Adolescence

    In this program we are going stretch our limits by discovering completely new ways to look at our young adults. Joseph Chilton Pearce will challenge us along with a group of parents, educators and health care providers, by asking that we consider that adolescence might actually be very different from what we think it is. He suggests that adolescence may really be cumulative effect of both false education and a failure to fully develop our full potential.