• The Essential Joseph Chilton Pearce Set One

    The Essential Joseph Chilton Pearce consists of 61 Insight topics. The collection spans a wide range subjects including; conception, pregnancy, birth, parenting, education, media, culture, identity, personal and spiritual development.

  • The Essential Joseph Chilton Pearce Set Two

    In set two Joe continues by describing the intelligence of the heart, the biology of transcendence, and relates these major developmental forces to bonding and the full unfoldment of our vast capacity as human beings.

  • The Essential Joseph Chilton Pearce Set Three

    Joe continues: Stage specific development of the brain. The early stages create the foundation for what comes later. Each age and stage unfolds specific capacities. Parents, care providers and educators must honor nature’s agenda meeting fully the nurturing required for the development of each stage in its proper sequence.

  • The Essential Joseph Chilton Pearce Set Four

    We continue by exploring more about brain development, how, as the brain develops, our reality moves from the concrete to the abstract. Our design is to remain open to all fields of meaning, all possibilities. Culture, on the other hand is conservative always limiting, constraining.

  • The Essential Joseph Chilton Pearce Set Five

    Now we move into language, imagination, play and optimum learning. Joe explores how authentic play is nature’s agenda for optimum learning and performance at every age and stage of development. Play is learning and learning is play to the child, contrary to adult ideas of forced concentration, competition, judgment, punishments and praise. Joe’s observations regarding language and imagination are powerful and central to his views of our transcendent nature.

  • The Essential Joseph Chilton Pearce Set Six

    Joe continues by describing how childhood despair and suicide is the third leading cause of death in American children ages five to seventeen indicating a pervasive lack of hope in children, brought about by the failure of basic nurturing (mother-infant separation and day-care), followed by diminished reciprocal audio-visual communication which television-computers supplanted, and a corresponding loss of play. This important set focuses on the critical development role of imagination.

  • The Essential Joseph Chilton Pearce Set Seven

    In this last 'insight' Joe described how the associative capacity of children is breaking down. Children are unable to imagine the logical sequence of ideas or consequences. Every event becomes an isolated, now you see it now you don’t affair, not unlike television commercials. This diminished capacity impacts one’s ability to build up a body of knowledge of a particular subject. Recent information can be mimicked. Long term retention does not stick.