• Play IS Learning

    To deepen and enrich your transcendent hero’s journey we have three rare and insightful programs to challenge and inspire.
    These "Previews" contain the Full Length video.

    The first is Joseph Chilton Pearce, Play IS Learning. The essence if this exploration is that the state of authentic play is nature’s design for optimum learning and performance at any age or stage of life. Culture took that original play and turned it into a tool for obedience training and conformity through comparison, rewards and punishments. By the time most children go to ‘Skool’, the conversion of self-organizing original play into adult-organized cultural wining and mostly loosing activities is complete, something most never fully recover from.

  • The Intelligence of Play and Play Depravation

    Our second program features Stuart Brown MD, the founder of the National Institute for Play, on what I call The Intelligence of Play and Play Depravation, what happens when we don’t play.

  • What Every Preschool Could Be

    Join us for a tour of the Roseville Community Preschool with Bev Bos - What Every Preschool Could Be. Play is the natural and optimum state for learning and performance, at any age, stage or activity. Our challenge as parents and adults is to encourage and facilitate this state in children by modeling original play in our daily lives. This program is full of practical examples how this can be done by setting the stage, in this case the preschool environment. The core principles however apply to any place, just about any time, at any age.

    Play Full