Silent Attunement and CDC Vaccine-Autism Fraud

Sun, 09/07/2014 -- michael

Two for one this time.

School is in. Mandatory vaccinations are up. A whistleblower comes clean regarding the Center for Disease Control cover up and fraud regarding documented statistical correlations linking vaccines to autism. Please see the two important videos.


My adventures with Carly Elizabeth, now six weeks old. Read more about Silent Attunement and CDC Vaccine-Autism Fraud

What I Learned Today

Sun, 08/31/2014 -- michael

I wonder if all parents experience the awe, this unimaginable complexity and mysterious unfolding? How is it possible? The union of two cells explode and become Carly Elizabeth; heart beating, ten fingers and ten toes, deep gray-blue eyes, sensing, learning, changing every moment, never to be quite the same again, like all the stars and the sky, and just like you and me. Surely every parent must, in their own way. Read more about What I Learned Today

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Violence is a Failure of Bonding/Attachment

Mon, 01/13/2014 -- michael

bonding and violence

We, or at least I, often rationalize violence. After all, it is normal to pound a fist or scream when frustrated and angry. Anger is normal. Einstein’s protégée, David Bohm, defined violence as any excessive use of force. Slamming a car door when one could gently close it. Violence is natural. Or is it?

Applying Gabor Mate’s insight into addictions: The question isn’t why the addiction. The real question is; why the pain? Read more about Violence is a Failure of Bonding/Attachment


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